Autoimmune Diet


Autoimmune Diseases cause a excessive inflammatory response.

Inflammation is caused by infections, allergies, anger, chemicals and toxins. People exposed to chemicals and toxins (poisons, mold) are at increased risk of inflammatory diseases ( autoimmune ). By decreasing inflammation one decrease the rate of ageing. Chocolate, almonds, colored fruits, honey, organic milk are good foods. Do not consume excess of any particular food. Humans are not the same and everyone needs a different diet. Some people need a tailored diet.
CDC says, "Scientific evidence shows that consumption of saturated fat, trans fat, and dietary cholesterol raises low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or "bad" cholesterol, levels, which increases the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health, more than 12.5 million Americans have CHD, and more than 500,000 die each year. That makes CHD one of the leading causes of death in the United States". Our statement is that by consuming essential fatty acids you can power the lipids without any adverse events.
Trans-Fat are contained in cookies, cakes, fried potatoes, candy bars.
 One should eat organic food and avoid processed food. Hot dogs have been associated with high cancer rates
For those who say red wine helps in heart disease. The answer is Vinegar provides all the benefits of red wine without its toxic problems. In general alcohol is toxic to nerves, brain and liver.
The best drug on Earth is Oxygen. It is considered a drug in the US and thus requires a doctors prescription to be dispensed. We cannot survive a millisecond without oxygen. So breath as much as you can, deep breathing every morning will get you going. Do try to live close to sea level as the oxygen saturation is higher. (No prescription no pharmacy involved). If you live at sea level and decide to visit the mountains do not go hiking on the first day. It takes time for your body to produce more red cells . You have cardiac, autoimmune disease or diabetes avoid high altitude. Half of the world's oxygen is produced via phytoplankton photosynthesis. The other half is produced via photosynthesis on land by trees, shrubs, grasses, and other plants. Oxygen is lower in concentration at night that is why night is natural time to rest. Higher Oxygen concentration during the day is for daily life activity and matches the to maintain the higher metabolism. During summer months the oxygen is higher as compared to winters, (more green leaves and grass produce more oxygen. Why are we less active on a rainy day? No sunshine, no photosynthesis and less oxygen. (Learn to adjust your life to days and months).

Higher indoor air pollution happens in homes with coal burning and open fireplace than in homes with central heating.
The concentration of oxygen in the air is the same at all altitudes, but atmospheric pressure--which determines how much air enters the lungs with each breath--does decrease with altitude. As less air enters the lungs, the body tries to compensate by breathing faster and deeper. This begins a chain of reactions that can result in altitude sickness.
Carbon dioxide levels are now 27 percent higher than at any point in the last 650,000 years. There is a higher concentration of Carbon Dioxide under a tree at night. (A location to avoid at night and do not sleep there).
Start your day in the morning with a glass of water. Life on Earth will not be possible without water. After Oxygen water is the next most important substance required by the body. Drink a total of 8 glasses of water a day, Iced tea, water, lemonade, tea, milk).
Use a filter on your home water if you drink enough good liquids the liver will help remove the toxicity.
The third most essential substances required by the human cells are sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
In place of multivitamins we recommend a teaspoon full of honey (organic).
Breakfast of oatmeal with milk is recommended along with teaspoon of organic honey. Alternate with a fried egg . Take some blue berries, walnuts and almonds. A slice of toast made from full grain bread. (Avoid white bread). Avoid white sugar and candy. Brown sugar is much better then white. Drink green tea in place of coffee. Tea has antioxidants and taken three times a day is very beneficial for health. Green tea is more healthy and taken four times a day will keep you healthy and reduce inflammation. The high grade fuel for the body is carbohydrates you want them before heavy physical activity and mental activity. A chocolate bar can help you pass the test.
For snacks between meals use fruits and nuts, apples and water. Those of you who are going to do extreme exercise they need to take a high load of carbohydrates before . This helps the body in providing readily available energy. Otherwise the body has to turn into anaerobic mode does not sound good.
People who have no muscle can benefit from Creatinine (amino-acid) supplement or eat more proteins. Read more in the supplement section.
For Lunch eat vegetables & protein diet (chicken, fish, well cooked beef ). Along with fruits and water to replenish your fluids . The best lunch will be green salad mixed with fruits and nuts with a dressing of vinegar. Men need to avoid Tofu (tends to increase feminine hormones)..
For Dinner again eat a vegetables & protein diet (Chicken, fish, well cooked ) with vegetables, fruit and water is recommended. Remember to use full grain bread. Avoid the temptation to eat desserts. Instead use fruits. The best dinner will be green salad mixed with fruits and nuts with a dressing of vinegar.
 Avoid Hydrogen Peroxide supplement has caused instant strokes in several people, who bought this from health food stores.
Avoid Aruvedic supplemements many have arsenic contamination.
Try your best to have green tea in the evening .
Chew your food well , chewing food in the mouth will allow more absorption of vitamins from the sublingual area. Eat slowly and chew food to small particles before swallowing . This helps avoid choking. Don't drink and breath at the same time. Will put enough fluid in the wrong pipe to give you a scare and tears.
We also recommend eating brown rice. The polished white rice has the bran coating removed and has lost most of its nutrients.
All the vitamins and supplements are found in food. Thus we recommend that you get your vitamins from fruit, milk , honey and vegetables. The most common vitamin deficiency seen in clinical practice is B12. If you have tingling numbness or weakness your doctor may check the B12 level in you. If the level is low they will prescribe you a B12 injection. The alternative is sublingual B12. Majority of studies have show that more people die from excess vitamins and not from deficiency. So avoid popping multiple vitamin pills daily. For those who insist on a multivitamin just take one multivitamin a day. Some people self prescribe B6 for their neuropathy. This may lead to excessive high levels of B6 in your body and result in a permanent neuropathy.
The best exercise for someone who has Polyneuropathy is to use the stationary Bike or simply the exercise pedals which you can place next to your favorite couch. Use them for 10 minutes at a time four times a day. THIS WILL REDUCE PAIN AND IMPROVE STRENGTH. This exercise also improves circulation. Best of all it can be done in the security of your environment. The next best thing is walking and if extremes of temperature bother you use the local mall. Mark Bower walks in the mall and has also talked to the security personnel there and is part of their team.
Remember the Brain and nerves can only consume carbohydrates so pure protein diets may drop some IQ points and cause Gout. Many people have landed in the ER due to pure protein diet.
For stiffness / pain in the body use a icepack rub it on the painful area then stretch that area by moving your extremities. This is followed by applying a hot towel on the same area, (moisten a towel with hot water and apply it over the stiff area).
You should be the last person to consider surgery for pain relief. Read our back surgery section.
For generalized stiffness get into a hot water tub or if not available take a hot shower. More stiffness is experienced on cold days or when a storm is approaching, as the barometric pressure dips muscular pains increase. The colostrum may help in this type of muscle stiffness . Hot water BATHS are not recommended for patients with M.S and CIDP. Some individuals with MS & CIDP have reported difficulty in getting out of the tub due to sudden weakness caused by the heat.
Stretching exercises are recommended about five times a day. These will help reduce stiffness. Turn your neck from side to side, Bend down on the hips and place your hands on your knees. Bend down to touch the floor.
 Chronic heavy smoking can reduce blood flow to your vital organs, (Brain). The Surgeon General has shown that smoking causes lung cancer. Though some new evidence shown by the American Heart Association shows smoking reduces restenosis. Smokers have lower incidence of some autoimmune diseases including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. This is thought to be due to Nicotine, and the same benefit is seen in tea and coffee drinkers. Get the beneficial effects by tea and coffee. 4000 Americans die, per year, of lung cancer and 37,000 due to heart disease, caused by other people's or passive smoke
 Processed meats increase the incidence of cancer.
Vinegar provides all the benefits of improving blood flow similar to alcohol but without the hangover. Alcohol causes a neuropathy , myopathy and liver toxicity. (When consumed in large doses). Some scientist have reported that a single glass of beer is able to destroy millions of neurons. Alcohol makes neuromuscular disorders worse.
In England they were feeding bone meal to cows, due to which cows developed BSE (Mad Cow). The FARMERS were converting a herbivore to a carnivore. That did not work, however some farms are still trying their luck to increase milk and meat production by feeding protein to cows.. You should be eating meat from cows and chicken which are fed on grass and grain. They call them organic or natural. There was a story that a alligator farm was next to a chicken farm in North Carolina. When the chickens died they were recycled as feed for the alligators.

If you see the world map of the SARs virus it did not spread to the nations who avoided Pork. Muslim countries and Israel did not see SARS.
While driving in heavy traffic try recirculation of cabins internal air , to avoid inhaling the fumes of Truckers. Drafting behind a truck to increase your mileage may cause wind screen damage and also the nasty exhaust may trickle in your car. The best air in New York is on the day the buses go on strike.
 Do not wear synthetic clothing, cotton keeps you feeling healthy. (Silk underwear's cause infections). Do not use sun glasses early in the morning. That reduces your melatonin production as well as Thymosin. This may end up causing you to be fatigued later in the day.
The measurements for different clothing and car-seats give impressively high voltages, and this occurred at humidity levels above 50%.
Nylon clothes: 21,000 volts (HURTS!)
Wool clothes: 9,000 volts
Cotton clothes: 7,000 volts

Do not forget personnel hygiene. Take a bath everyday with soap to wash off the bacteria. Brush your teeth twice a day minimum, use dental floss or colostrum to clean plaque . Wash your hands, wash the fruit you buy and keep your house clean. Make sure the bed sheets are clean. No bad odors should come from you, your clothes or your home . Bad odors suggest mold, bacteria or toxins. (Clean ). Good smells improve health (aromatherapy), so use perfumes around the house.
Avoid Dental amalgam (an alloy made of silver, copper, tin and zinc, bound by elemental mercury ). What mercury a toxin! If you cannot get a amalgam free cavity filling can say goodbye to the tooth. If you have mercury, lead then natural food supplements can remove them by chelating.( read our e-book)
Do not forget your soul.
When we load software on a computer suddenly it comes alive. Without software a computer has no soul its dead. Similar to our own body.
The answer for your soul is meditate and focus on telling yourself that you are improving daily. If you think positively, keep a smile on your face and walk with energy. Things around you will change. If there is too much stress at work then start talking to others so you do not have to pay to the psychiatrist. Exercise which involves stretching will help in overcoming stress too.
Think about having a disease free future. Travel and enjoy life. These changes will work no ifs ands or buts about these. While you meditate your soul relaxes.
 When a difficult situation comes up think of a solution. It is better to take the $300 traffic ticket to court then sending in a payment. Soul needs a reason to live on that is LOVE. (Love someone, something and see what it will do to you). Try to help people you receive a automatic reward which makes you feel good and relaxed.
Finally we are but a projection of our conscious. Some can control the environment around us. Some can look in the future . There is lots more to the ESP or the 6th sense then we know. The best person is instinctive, if your brain raises red flags on what you are doing pay attention change course.( This is a form of ESP message and not a seizure). Remember not to get upset from the news. Do not let adversity bother you, learn to forgive, forget and relax. Stay calm ignore others attitudes. One needs to learn to accept fault no matter how minor. When any one offers criticism take it positively. Learn, Improve and Excel. (Perseverance command success).
Doing negative things, ( Hate , Rage, reduces tolerance), depresses the immune functions. Helping people automatically gives you satisfaction. Helps boost your immune function, Reduces stress. When you talk negatively about others or do negative criticism your body may suffer more inflammation as it makes you angry. So tolerate, live and let live.
Make sure you wash your hand all the time you cannot afford another infection.
 "Dr King Engle & Dr William Sibley have observed that whenever their patients with MS and CIDP got a infection they felt better. So some patients would go near children who were coughing or sneezing and when they caught the flu they felt better. This helps because a flu makes the body produce more of the good antibodies ".
All the worldly goods are left back even the body stays in the grave. Your soul will be with you forever. (All the hidden treasures of the Pharos were stolen by 1000BC.)
Medical research has shown that prayer and mediation makes beneficial changes in your body.
Enjoy your partner, bring the positive out of them. Enjoy your work , focus on the positive and suppress the negative. Humans make mistakes, everyone does so not be too hard on yourself. Is any human perfect?
 Another study showed high risk of Pancreatic cancer in people who were Cooking with firewood was associated with a significantly higher risk for pancreatic cancer. Those who used microwave, electric heat, Presto or high pressure oven were safer. Acrylamide in food products-chiefly in commercially available potato chips, potato fries, cereals, and bread-was formed in high-carbohydrate foods during high temperature processes such as frying, baking, roasting and extrusion. Although acrylamides is known to form during industrial processing of food, high levels of the chemical have been found in home-cooked foods, mainly potato- and grain-based products. Soaking raw potato slices in water before frying was effective at reducing acrylamides levels in French fries.  Do not toast the bread to brown color increases acrylamides.
(We provide personalized diet, supplement, exercise plans). Have any Questions?
Much more useful information in our e-book. (describes what micro nutrients you need and others you need to avoid) In diets all over the world. Modern prevention of heart disease, stroke and alzheimers along with the treatment of their real causes.
Do not use MSG makes you FAT. Do not use Fluoride makes you lose bone and don't give this to your children it is toxic for them. Do not use artificial sweeteners. For testing I put some Splenda on the floor of my clinic and I have not seen any more ants for months. Why don't you try Splenda on your floor and see the reaction of the ants!
 Above guidelines written for CIDPUSA by Dr I. Khan Nanotech Neurology Lahore    cidpusa
Dr Khan is the author of AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS Handbook, "The Flame Within" ,and a book on Quranic Shifa. a book packed with information to help you and your family.
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