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Current alternative treatments  for over 101 autoimmune diseases, description of disease, symptoms, tests, treatment-guidelines (herbal, natural, homeopathic, spiritual & medical) risk factors, supplements which help and supplements which harm. How to get rid of autoimmune conditions. Expect a 2-3 hour delay for the e-book .  Please note if you are using Spam Guard, the email we send  with a link may end up in the spam folder. So please check your spam folder for a email from   CIDPUSA . check contents of Flame within Book (Give us a working email please).

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Swine flu prevention, (prevention of any flu , prevention of AIDS), at home remedy  complete plan for cents a day. Improve your immune functions, combat the flu...  Avoid the flu bugs, avoid AIDS. Improve your immunity instantly without Immunoglobulin's. Excellent for doctors, students and nurses exposed to HIV patients.

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  Flu Prevention Plan  Avoid vaccination, any Flu, any Bug Includes No cost natural way to avoid bugs

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 Dark spots under eye & around face removal Guide by email for $1.99


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