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Acid and alkaline Balance a principle of  health


Have you ever changed your dietary habits to more fruits and vegetables, or experimented with non-animal flesh dishes? Improving a lifetime of eating habits is not an easy task. Regardless of the reasons, most are not aware of the physiological
necessity of a plant-based diet.

The pH scale ranges from 1-14. The highest acid level possible is a 1pH. The most alkaline level possible is a 14pH.

The proportion of acid minerals relative to alkaline minerals is the major factor to understand what is happening internally.

Body chemistry has a delicate range between 6.8-7.4 pH for proper maintenance of health. This pH range is necessary for whole body to function well physically, emotionally, and mentally. That is not a philosophy; it is a physiological fact for cellular integrity.

The environment of the stomach is acidic, while the intestine environment "ideally" is alkaline. I use the word "ideally" with
intention. Due to the poor diet of our modern culture, the intestines are generally more acidic than nature intended it to be. As the landscape of dis-ease is created, it turns into an environment of parasitic and bacterial infestation, opposed to an alkaline symbiotic homeostasis.

Would you prefer creating a toxic, acidic, anaerobic, parasite-laden,and systemically dis-eased body, or an alkaline, oxygen rich cellularsystem, which is vitally strong, and capable of defending itself against common illnesses associated with an average lifestyle? The decision is yours. Every action you take is a choice toward health or death. Which will you choose?

 Characteristic of Alkalinity

There are five alkaline-forming minerals, also known as acid-binding minerals. These minerals are: calcium, potassium,
sodium, magnesium, and iron. Each of these are important for creating a healthy alkaline environment. These minerals bind with acid minerals and evacuate those acidic and toxic substances.

Consuming more alkaline foods allows for a mucousless body. A vision of a mucous-free body is no sinus congestion, no lymphatic congestion or swelling, fluid accumulation in the lungs, joint calcification, calcium deficiency, etc.

A person who has properly balanced pH will be happy, content, free of body aches, and muscle cramps. They will enjoy being emotionally stable and mentally clear. The result are extraordinary because the tissues will exist in their natural and optimal alkaline environment, conducive for health.

Thoughts and emotions are powerful forces that can alter our internal chemistry. Happy people can life longer and healthier because a positive attitude will help create an alkaline environment. As you may have already guessed, negative thoughts and emotions create acidic waste. I have observed many people who have average to fair diets live a healthier life because their outlook or disposition is joyous. Conversely, a person with dark thoughts and aggressive emotions will not find greater health on a better diet until they deal with the greater underlying issues of negativity. The graph on frequency illustrated how
the emotional and mental energies have a greater influence on the body than the lower frequencies of fresh produce or herbs. The same holds true with their effects on body pH.

Sunlight effects the levels of acid within the body as well. An alkaline chemistry is enhanced by the presence of full spectrum sunlight. The opposite is true in the absence of sunlight. Darkness creates acid build-up within bodily tissues. The effects
compromise the immune system, skin vitality, vitamin D production, and more. Realize to the marrow of your bones that intention with integrity produces the best health possible. There are no quick fixes for the long-term health and well-being.

 Alkalinity creates:

Sense of oneness & harmony
Allows for friendly bacteria
Healthy organs & glands
Decreased body aches
Diminished illness
Relaxed behavior
Mucousless body
Cellular health

 Acidity creates:

Mucous build-up
Anxious behavior
Increased illness
Cellular degradation
Increases body aches
Allows for bad bacteria
Sense of separation & pain

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