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Toxic Eye shades, toxic lipstick are giving you breast cancer wake up.e young man who saw his hair falling out instead of going to the doctor stopped using all the hair tonics and spray gels. Within a month all of his hair was growing again. Women suffer from more frequent diseases and have early hair thinning, multiple skin problems the cause can easily be traced to the make-up they are using. Women think they are purchasing the most high end products and these are thought to be safe, yet these very products are often laced with lead on the lipsticks, mercury in the mascara, aluminum in the deodorants and sulphides in the soaps and shampoo. Chemicals are disfiguring women.

Even the best hair companies use toxic chemicals in the makeup and slow poisoning is causing multiple health problems like breast cancer. These cancers are being blamed on genes while completely white washing the evidence about chemicals. Concerns about the toxins in everyday products need to materialize into using natural skin care products because chemicals impact on our health and the environment. Many who have experienced with breast cancer, opened their eyes to the impact of the various endocrine disrupter chemicals in the products they have used everyday. formaldehyde or lead is present in many.

  1. The skin being the largest organ of the body will be absorbing all kind of toxins from the lotions (mineral oil-which clogs pores and disables the breathing mechanism which helps get rid of toxins and breath in oxygen), shampoo with (P. Glycol), deodorants with (alluminum) that is absorbed by the freshly shaved skin), add up to our toxic overload. We do this daily, no wonder there are so many ailments that cannot be traced to a specific incident. It is cumulative, years of ignorance that can cause tremendous harm and create havoc in our bodies. Please read labels and take advice seriously. Cancer and other diseases are not fun to deal with.
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  3. e need to avoid high fructose Soda and Ketchup , foods as this leads to many diseases.
  4. Avoid Maccara with mercury, avoid lipstick with chemicals.
  5. What vaccines are doing to women is a well kept secret. I have so many stories to tell. Please read true story just one here.

Unfortunately there are millions of us around the world that suffer when nears many of these products. I get head aches sometimes vomiting when near some cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, detergents, the list goes on and on. Oh I use to use all of these products, but then I became ill living in a home with indoor mold. My landlord decided to paint instead of taking care of the mold and now I have reactives airways disease, have had sinus surgery, and have to avoid all these products. I was perfectly healthy before this happened. I use baking soda to wash my face or use unfragranced products. I use baking soda, vinegar and fresh lemon to clean. Donít listen to the so called experts. The EU Government started regulating their products some time ago to make their products safer. Many products that other countries turn away are sent to the US. Many companies make two sets of products one set for the EU Government and the more chemical laced product for the US. Some companies have started just going along with the EU Government to avoid making two sets. I have read documents from the Bush administration where they wrote to other countries telling them not to go along with the EU Government because it would hurt the economy. One thing the EU Government provides health care so they probably are trying to avoid so much illness. When I go to the asthma doctor there is a sign on the wall that says NO ONE ENTERS WITH FRAGRANCE OR THEY WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE. Why would the doctors office have that sign on the wall if fragrance didnít hurt people with asthma. There is the kind of asthma that you are born with and the kind that irritants cause breathing problems. It is time for our government to protect the people. But then the chemical companies wouldnít like that very much.

There only 10 personal care product ingredients banned in the U.S., while over 1,000 have been prohibited in the European Union! The same companies are putting out two product lines, one for the US and one for the EU! Weíre on the bottom end of a double standard, and the same companies that are bragging about complying with the EU Cosmetics Directive are fighting tooth and nail to hold on to their right to poison us in the US.

Itís scary that the US still abides by a 1938 Cosmetics Act knowing that our country produced over 50,000 chemicals in the 1950s. Who knows the true effects of all the chemicals we put in and on our bodies, but in the short 55 years of existence, the outcome isnít looking too good.

If women want to protect from Cancer and they would like to stay free longer that is very possible if they start using olive oil and honey mix to look younger instead of the tons of makeup. They need to start washing their faces with water and clay. Stop using soaps and deodorants.

TO LOSE THE FAT THAT TRIGGERS DISEASES STOP EATING AT FAST FOOD STORES. Majority of the restaurants and fast food outlets don't use sea salt but provide you with fattening MSG.

They vaccines you get are full of chemicals like mercury and toxins yet you will see pseudoscientiest and their studies confirming in the news that these vaccines are necessary, that there is nothing wrong with the chemicals in the makeup as they are in minute quantities. Soda bottles have acid and pesticides to give you cancer and host of impairments like fatigue, tiredness and pains.

Pestacide laced garden stores and supermarkets are another fun place to get all the diseases like Parkinsons, Alzheimers and SLE.

Say no to toxic , toxcic , all toxcic, tocic or tocic, all such makeup in any language.