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Short Q&A

Questions. Does the CIDP site help getting appointments with specific doctors?

Yes we will suggest who to see to get help. You can also get help by writing to us about your problems and we can tell you what you have. There will be a small charge. This saves you a lot of time and money..

Questions. Does CIDP site assist in getting home IVIg ?

Yes we make referrals about home infusion companies that help with IVIG approval & copay.

Questions. Will the muscle weakness continue to deteriorate?

Improves with anti-inflammatory treatment like IVIG, prednisone........

Questions. What are treatment options?

IVIG, plasmapheresis, Prednisone, Cytoxan, rituxan, remicade, Imuran, cyclosporin,enbral , simple home electronic treatments which will reverse the disease. CIDP usa offers antibiotic protocols to reverse disease.

Questions. Will steroids control the symptoms?

Yes it takes about 60days but watch out for weight gain, cataracts, stomach ulcers, osteoporosis, depression, anger outbursts, proximal muscle weakness., hip fractures...... For short term and intravenous steroids works like miracle. Steroids used as eye drops in red eye or conjunctivitis work like miracle.

Questions. What are the side effects of these drugs?

Steroids have the most side effects look above, read about the IVIg side effects in the IVIG section.

Questions. Would plasma exchange help?

Yes for a short time. Thus has to be repeated.

Questions. What is the long-term outlook?

Is very Good and most people have full recovery.

Questions.I am in a remission phase do I need treatment?

General answer is no. Some people may need treatment to maintain their condition so they do not get a relapse. Take daily vitaminD

Questions. I have CIDP what is my future outlook regarding this disease?

In the past some of these patients would be wheelchair bound. With modern treatments they have led active lives.

Questions. I have AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE , what is the best reading guide for me and my family.?


Can CIDP and other autoimmune diseases be cured by Homepathy or Herbal medication?

Yes homeopathy and herbal offer excellent cures for CIDP and autoimmune diseases, we provide you with the specific remedy or search the site for your medical condition .Even prayers reverse

CIDUSA research uncovers that all diseases being caused to humans and animals are manifested by the immune system. This includes Cancers, Infections , Heart , lung, kidney, stomach, liver, brain, eyes, skin, lungs, muscle, nerve  and hair .

Diseases occur due to a specific deficiency, a chemical toxicity or a biological infection. Our book addresses all three causes of human disease and will thus help keep you healthy.

 In a report that has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the scientists said that curcumin can make tumour cells sensitive, or more susceptible, to the chemotherapeutic action of taxol, the best anti-cancer compound isolated so far from plants.

Taxol Curcumin

If you have more questions check our FAQ IVIG and disease section.

Defeat disease check Diet page

;Have any questions or need help then please contact us.