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November 19, 2021
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Some anti-aging modalities

There is a machine, which goes by different brand names, that uplifts the muscles of the face through micro-current. It is a micro-current face lift machine. There are many electrical machines used for the face that are  micro-current machines  also named TENS unit so once I describe the machine and what it does,

I discovered the existence of the micro-current machine many years back during the time that I was losing 88 lbs. of excess weight. I took a series of treatments while I was losing the weight and what it did for me was tone my face and neck, as I was losing the weight, so that I have very little sag under my chin as a result of losing all that weight. As some of you may know, one of the fears of losing weight is that the face will fall into sags and bags. Sometimes under the chin can be the trickiest part of the anatomy when you have a load of weight to lose. Sometimes the skin in that area will spring back to its former shape, but oftentimes it needs a little help.

The micro-current machine was originally developed as a treatment to help people with pain, such as facial neuralgia. It was discovered by accident that the part of the face that was treated had also received a tonifying "lift". So then the micro-current was studied further to develop a way to use it as a non surgical face lift treatment. Of course, this type of treatment will never give you the kind of drastic lift that a surgical face lift gives. But in my opinion, surgical face lifts don't deliver very satisfactory or natural results. They don't do anything to improve the face in a lasting way and once on that course, have to be repeated in 5 years, with even less satisfactory results the second and third time around. Surgery also cuts into important acupuncture channels, that perhaps, cannot be restored. I don't have information on that, but it would be a concern.

The micro-current is said to be the same electrical current that runs through a normal healthy body. It is a healing current.

The treatment works on 4 levels of the skin, the underlying muscle, subcutaneous, epidermis and dermis. The first phase is called relaxation or normalization. A series of movements are done at a certain frequency which relaxes the muscles and prepares them so that they will accept the reprogramming of the second phase which is called the Lift phase. This is the phase that actually shortens or contracts the muscles. When the muscles are shortened, the overlying skin lifts. A few treatments are needed to strengthen the muscles enough for this lift to hold. It is an incremental process. Once the normalization and reprogramming are done (during each treatment), then there are three more phases with different electrical frequencies that work on; 1) building collagen and elastin in the skin; 2) increasing energy in the cell; and 3) increasing oxygen and blood flow. The treatment takes approx. 1 1/2 hours. Twenty to thirty treatments are suggested in the beginning and then you go to a maintenance program of once a month. The price for each treatment is $75 up to $250. or higher, depending on the market area and the practitioner.

The brand names of these machines are many. There are some that come from Canada, Japan and Europe. The Tens unit works very well, I have used the $15 machine and the $15,000 unit the job done is the same. You can have a luxury car but no luxury electricity. The swelling in the face is gone instantly and the wrinkles are reduces all in a fifteen minute application.

Magnets For Toning the Face

 I learned where to buy the individual tiny magnets (9000 gauss) and where to place them on the face for rejuvenation. The magnets come with both north and south pole on opposite sides. The north is marked with a small indentation. The bio-north side is always placed towards the skin.
You can put them on before bed, and have them on all night long. Applying them individually, in my view, is better than using one of the plastic masks because you can be more precise in placing the magnet exactly on the point that you want it to be on. Also, once taped to your skin, you hardly feel them. A plastic mask is cumbersome and you wouldn't want to keep that plastic mask on all night long.

The magnets come with band aid plasters to tape them on, but I find that these band aids leave a residue glue on the skin that then has to be cleaned off. I prefer to use another type of tape also sold in the catalog called Transpore clear.

The magnets are reasonably priced.You can also place them on acupuncture points. I like using the magnets and, in my experience, another benefit is that they relax you and make you sleepy before bed.

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