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Autoimmune Diseases like CIDP, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Myositis, scleroderma, all the vasculitis, arthritis appear like a invisible diseases hidden within the body. In some cases like Rosacea they impart a red color to the persons body, and people get a impression that the person is healthy. Wegners has strawberry gums which are usually kept hidden.
 Learn the secrets of diagnosis, prevention & treatment of autoimmune diseases see the , "Flame within contents". As most doctors have been taught that there in no cure for autoimmune diseases. This book based upon university studies shows you the treatments which will stop from Alzheimer's, SLE, Takayasu, vasculitis, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Autistic disorder and arthritis. If you have time all that info is provided in this web start from the diet page.

Q How to get sympathy
This is a common problem in invisible diseases how to let others know you are sick. You have to carry a walking stick, wear some knee or wrist braces not only these things help in supporting your tissue and helping you walk. Others may be more sympathetic and offer you a seat when you are standing if you have a stick.
The younger generation responds to neck braces very quickly! " Did you have a whip lash"?
How to relax.
Learn to relax and learn to mediate. Pray go to Synagogue, Church, Temple or Mosque. Call us for a guide. In Gods eyes all religions are equal and complete. Prayer at early morning & night helps spiritual illness.
Where to get more help in understanding autoimmune diseases, how to prevent them and their treatment.

Q What about IVIG

IVIg providers may not charge insurance co pays in the USA. IVig in USA is provided at home by most providers. Contact us for the best provider.
The Big nerves also called large fibers in all mammals are covered by a Myelin sheath wrapped around the axon. Myelin loves to conduct electricity at speed of 60-100 meters per second.

Loss of Myelin leads to development of MS and CIDP, in these diseases the Myelin is attacked by the anti Myelin antibodies.

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Antibodies start to destroy the Myelin sheath and the Schwann cell cannot keep up with the repair. You just have to figure out how to stop the Myelin attack by your own antibodies then the Schwann cell will do the repair. Check the diet page for guidelines.

Diabetics get more CIDP and is misdiagnosed as polyneuropathy.

There are about 20 million Americans suffering from CIDP, who do not know that majority of them have CIDP. That is about half the population of Canada. Do the Twenty Million know they can be treated and they may have CIDP?

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