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Assimilation and elimination page-1
 Edgar Cayce said if we could control two aspects of the human form we
could extend life to whatever we chose, that's how important these two
principles are.

Assimilation is defined as the measure of the ability of any body to
utilize foods that we eat, some people think that having massive doses
of food will give them all that they need, it is all right shoving nutrition in but it is quite another thing if the body can absorb it and use it in that form.

Typical assimilation rates might vary from 20% to 80% and nutrition
supplied in some forms will not be absorbed at all. That means out of
every 454 grams of food you might only absorb 20-80% of that

What happens to the food after you swallow it depends to a large
degree on the other three principles of your body namely circulation,
relaxation and elimination. Circulation is crucial if assimilation is
to maintained at high levels circulation is helped greatly by some
important factors;
Exercise, especially cardiovascular apparently something like 50 or
so times as many blood vessels open up when exercising than just
sitting .WE have something like 60,000 miles of vessels mostly
capillary type so you can imagine the effect of increased blood flow means
massage, because the blood stream carries the rebuilding forces to the body it
is these channels which need to be clear and stimulated so that the
blood will flow to feed the cells and tissues.

Every thing which your body does, every activity produces waste and we
get rid of that waste through the skin, the lungs, the kidneys and the
intestines. Major problems start to occur when any of these important
channels are stopped from doing their job, we start to accumulate
waste, bacteria start growing at alarming rates which leads to all
sorts of problems as we become toxic.
Imagine not cleaning up the kitchen very often what
would happen, your kitchen would become literally alive with all sorts
of creepy bacteria etc the same with our bodies.
The fact that poor elimination' s are the most cited cause of disease
within the Edgar cayce research papers totaling over 14000 gives you
some idea just how important this aspect really is. It gives you an
idea of the importance of getting rid of toxins, rid of waste from our

Some of the diseases which elimination problems either cause or play a
big and major part include.

Arthritis, Acne, Anemia, Apoplexy-stroke, Appendicitis,  Asthenia, Asthma, Atrophy
Balding-poor circulation, Bladder stricture, Blepharitis, blindness, Boils Brain tumors
Bronchitis, Bursitis
Cancers and tumors, Canker sores,  Cataracts, Cirrhosis, Colds, Colic-poor assimilation, Colitis, Colon impaction, Complexion problems, Cystitis, Cysts
deafness, Dermatitis
Eczema, Edema ,Enteritis
Feet swelling
Gall bladder stones
Haliosis-bad breath, Headaches general , Hemorrhoids, Hepatitis , Hernia
Herpes zoster, Unwanted hair
Indigestion, Insomnia, Iritis
Kidney problems
Laryngitis, Leukemia, Lumbago, Lupus, Lymphangitis
Malaria, Measles, Menopause problems, Migraine
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