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Cynocobalamine deficiency.,

Burning feet causes

Some other common causes of Burning feet syndrome are as follows

Have you been wearing the same shoes and  living in a high humidity area like Florida then please make sure that you do not have athletes foot, ( Fungal Infection).  Otherwise you  may have CIDP. Fungal infection causes white spots around the nails and skin. Please see our diet guidelines in the diet page for avoiding fungal infections.

Alcohol use can lead to burning feet  symptoms and does clear  with abstaining . The cause is CIDP, you need vitamin supplements and treatment for CIDP.

Some infectious diseases, such as leishmaniasis, Which is a rare is due  secondary to a bacteria, also cause burning feet symptoms. Thrombocytopenia (low platelets) also produces this  burning feet syndrome syndrome. Please see the disease section for detailed info on thrombocytopenia.

People usually say that vitamin deficiency will cause burning feet. Vitamin deficiency needs to be evaluated by appropriate vitamin levels of (B6, Thiamine , Niacin, B12) . We provide these details in the E-Book. The simple most common causes of burning feet is celiac disease and CIDP described as small fiber neuropathy below.

Thyroid , kidney and liver dysfunction may lead to burning feet. We have seen gout attacks cause  burning feet syndrome similar pain of course this is also due to a small fiber neuropathy.

 We think CIDP and diabetic polyneuropathy  cause these symptoms of burning feet  and as both are a inflammatory in nature.  Then anti-inflammatory treatment can be used to treat these symptoms, both will cause severe burning feet syndrome, worse at night due to a small fiber neuropathy.

Some patients with symptoms of burning pain have been diagnosed as reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD or RSDS), also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) dystrophy. If treated early they can get better. Do you know all of these conditions are also autoimmune and thus treated by anti inflammatory treatment.   Do not have unnecessary surgery for burning feet syndrome.

Simple treatment of burning feet is go on a gluten free diet , fix the vitamin deficiency, usually B-12, B-6 or Vitamin-D take care of diabetes. In homeopathic treatments use plumbum met for two weeks.The potecy should be 200 take five first two days then one daily for two weeks.

The Top site with complete information on autoimmune diseases. Please see our home page on why many people get burning feet syndrome due to a condition known as CIDP, which causes a small fiber neuropathy, resulting in burning feet syndrome. God provides all cures through prayer at night in peace. Seek the light of God in your life, listen to your heart. CidpUSA offers lectures of healing in offices contact us.


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