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autoimmune diseases Flame Within E-BOOK Third Edition

Preface to the third edition: contact us through services link

Majority of the diseases that affect humans & animals are autoimmune disorders. In the third edition I have used advanced diet guidelines to reverse diseases. Since swine flu and other new infections are becoming common I have written a detailed plan on how to prevent and treat all flu's & infections without vaccination, antibiotics or antiviral easily at home.

Autoimmune diseases are the number one killer in men, women and animals. The number one cause of disease worldwide . Learn to prevent these diseases before they start.

The book is aimed as a guide for people to learn how to prevent and treat diseases . The cause of all these diseases, Alzheimer's, heart disease, Autism, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, OSD,stroke, chronic fatigue, which can be stopped in their tracks are provided. Alternative treatments are from published studies and reports from universities around the world. A quick alternative guide for doctors, nurses, patients and medical students. Drug doses, side effects, treatment protocols. Total pages 287.Find out why your kids are getting autism and how to fix this. Put an end to epilepsy. Stop worrying if you will get a disease, Aids or cancer. Take steps to prevent them for happening to you. Prevent Blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. Simple prevention guide for ailments.

THE MOST COSTLY DISEASE TO TREAT ARE AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES.This book will help you save more then $2000- $ 30,000 a year in Medical cost.A guide to alternative supplements that help is included as well as specific homeopathic and herbal remedies are also provided in disease chapters.

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Autoimmune Inflammatory disorders (The Flame Within)

Prevention, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Medical and Alternative Treatments.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Inflammation Page-10
Chapter 2 Causative factors in autoimmune disease
Genetic Factors, Diet, Sunshine, Aluminum, Fluoride, Vitamin-D & M.S., homocysteine
Vaccination, Injury, Stress, P.T.S.D. DHEA. Excessive Exercise
Chemicals, inhalatioChapter 1 Introduction to Inflammation Page-10
The Attack on Self Tissues: Prevention,
Real cause of heart attacks, Hygiene Hypothesis, Omega-3
Attack on self tissue, Stages of autoimmune disease 14
Chapter 2 Causative factors in autoimmune disease
Genetic Factors, Diet, Sunshine, Aluminum, Fluoride, Vitamin-D & M.S., homocysteine
Vaccination, Injury, Stress, P.T.S.D. DHEA. Excessive Exercise
Chemicals, inhalation exposure, Pork Brain, Multiple Sclerosis, Amalgam, Poisoning,
Infections, (Mycoplasma, Molecular Mimicry), Periodontal & Kissing disease 22
Pharmaceutical triggers, Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS)
Chapter 3Diagnosis of Autoimmune Disease
Common symptoms, fatigue, depression, gastric problems, memory disorders
Chemical sensitivity, pain, dry eyes, loud sounds, cold hands feet
Simple Blood tests for autoimmune disease
Antibody tests, simple trail, Herheximer28
Chapter 4 Natural Medicine Cure (drugless therapy)
cures from earth, sprouting, butter for health, banana, clay. Cleopatra's beauty secret
Chapter 5 Diet for prevention of autoimmune diseases 35
Magnesium, Zinc, Silver, Aluminum, Copper, Fluoride,
Dental Amalgam, Fats, best cooking Oils, ALA, EFA, Gluten free diet
Vitamin deficiency and food source
Organic foods, Special Diets, Why avoid Pork, sweetener issue, Processed meat issue,
Water Therapy, Soda, Beer Sativa
Breathing, Atmospheric pressure, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide,
Clothing, Sunlight, Hygiene, Clay, Spirituality & soul, meditating, praying
Thank God, ESP, Inner Voice, Fasting
Herbal Section, spices turmeric, Fennel. Licorice, Black seed, Garlic, Ginger, 49
silky hair of corn, Saffron, Cinnamon Fenugreek, Echinacea,
Goldenseal, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Milk thistle
Raw food diet treatment as a cure of diseases 37
Chapter 6Ancient remedies that work, Urine therapy, ACV, coconut, BSM52
Chapter 7 Electronic Medicine Zapper (simple new treatment for all disease)55
Chapter 8Magnetic pulser
Chapter 9Silver Colloid
Chapter 10Ultra Violet Light Benefits
Chapter 11Infra red light
Chapter 12 Oxygen therapies Hydrogen peroxide, HBOT
Chapter 13Chelating treatments, mud baths, castor oil packs, homeopathy
Chapter 14Holistic medicine evil eye, black magic cure
Chapter 15 Homeopathic Guide anti-inflammatory remedies
Chapter 16The Immune system,
Phagocytes, lymphocytes, T & B-cells, IgG & IgG Sub-classes
Innate Immunity: Adaptive Immunity: Passive Immunity:
Heat shock proteins (HSP), Antigens, Aptosis
The Immune System Disorders: Antiidotype & autoantibodies
Chapter 17 what is IVIG (Immunoglobulin treatment
Colostrum an alternative to I.V.I.g (Immunoglobulin treatment) 81
Chapter 18 Neurological Autoimmune Diseases
Alzheimer's (Memory Disorders)
Autoimmune Epilepsy syndromes (sudden shaking, jerking)
Landau-Kleffner syndrome (LKS)(kid does not talk)
Lennox-Gastaut syndrome(sudden falls in kids)
Infantile spasm (IS) or West Syndrome
Absence epilepsy, (kid’s staring in space)
Epilepsia Partials Continua (E.P.C)(jerking of a finger)
Rasmussen's Encephalitis & Parry-Romberg syndrome (one side is weak)
Tests for autoimmune epilepsy
Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (arm or leg jerks)
Autoimmune Epilepsy treatment
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) (sudden coma in kids)
Myelopathy – NeuroMyelitis Optica –Transverse Myelitis (weak legs)
CIDP & autoimmune neuropathies (weak and numb legs, arms)
Lewis-Sumner syndrome (wrists, hands, hips weak & numb)
Multifocal Motor Neuropathy (wrist hands weak no numbness
ANTI-MAG (Myelin Associated Glycoprotein) Neuropathy
MGUS (Monoclonal gammopathy), POEMS, BMG
Small Fiber Neuropathy SFSN, Sensory CIDP, DADSN (pain in legs)
Diagnosis of CIDP
Blood tests for neuropathy, nerve-biopsy, lab-tests CIDP,
CIDP treatment Protocol
Immune treatments CIDP
List-A drugs for autoimmune diseases
Prognosis of neuropathy
CIDP in Children
Guillain-Barre Syndrome (sudden onset of weakness)
Miller Fisher Syndrome (eyes cannot move)
Autoimmune neuropathies, Leprosy
Tabes Dorsalis, Syphilis, PARESIS, Argyll-Robertson pupils
Facial Palsy, (drooping face)
Dystonia Hemifacial Spasm & Blepharspasm, (uncontrolled movements)
Diabetic neuropathy, amyotrophy (hip weakness) Dr Engels comments
Femoral Neuropathy (cannot climb stairs)
Autonomic small-fiber Neuropathy Sympathetic & Parasympathetic
Holmes-Adie, Ross, Harlequin syndrome (sweating disorders)
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy(chronic pain)
Palatal myoclonus (clicking noises in ear)
Trigeminal Neuralgia(severe facial pain)
Autoimmune ALS: Soccer Players & ALS (slow onset of weakness)
Chronic Lyme disease (can mimic any disease)
Multiple Sclerosis (vision loss, weakness, pain)122
Lambert-Eaton Syndrome
Myasthenia Gravis (weakness in the afternoon)
Stiff-Person Syndrome (painfull-stiff muscles)
Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome
Sydenham chorea (uncontrolled movements)
Parkinsons, Parkinson plus (shaking hands) 134
Paraneoplastic neurological Syndromes (autoimmune cancer disorders)
Autonomic dysfunction, Brainstem encephalitis, Cerebellar degeneration,
Focal cortical encephalitis, Lambert Eaton Syndrome, Limbic encephalitis,
Anxiety, Myelitis, Opsoclonus/Myoclonus, Retinopathy & Sensory neuropathy)
NeuroMyotonia: Isaac's syndrome,
Moyamoya disease
Migraine in autoimmune diseases
Cluster headache in autoimmune diseases (eye pain)
Autoimmune disc herniation and Sciatica140
Narcolepsy (falling asleep all the time)
Restless Leg Syndrome (painfull legs jerks at night)
Central pontine myelinolysis (no arm or leg movement)
Stroke & Transient Ischemic Attacks
Chapter 19 Cardiovascular Autoimmune Diseases
Kawasaki Disease (infant with fever, skin rash, red tongue) 145
Autoimmune Myocarditis (heart enlargement)
Rheumatic Myocarditis:
Lymes Myocarditis
Viral Myocarditis
Influenza Myocarditis: History & prevention of Influenza
Giant cell Myocarditis (GCM) the most fatal Disease
Autoimmune Myocarditis in Athletes (Prevention & treatment)
Autoimmune Atherosclerosis (The real cause of heart disease)

Chapter 20Ophthalmic Autoimmune Diseases 155
Double Vision
Sympathetic opthalmitis(eye injury & loss of vision)
Optic Neuritis(sudden loss of vision)
Orbital Myositis(Bulging eyes, circles around eyes)
Chapter 21 Skin & Hair Autoimmune Diseases
Autoimmune Urticaria(Hives) 160
Alopecia Areata(Hair loss)
Autoimmune Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema
Vitiligo(white spots in skin)
Pemphigus vulgaris (PV) (Gum ulcers, blisters)
Pemphigus Foliaceus (blisters)
Bullous Pemphigoid (BP)(Blisters & welts)
Cicatricial Pemphigoid (Blisters in elderly)
Lichen planus (shiny skin)
Rosacea, Rosacea-fulminans Rhinophyma(red face and nose) 167
Livedoid vasculopathy, (ulcers on the feet)
Linear IgA bullous dermatoses of childhood, Acne, Eczema
Melesma / Chlosma (Dark spots on face around eyes)
Prurigo Nodularis (PN)non healing skin lesions
Morgollens disease fibers seeds coming out of skin
Chapter 22 Rheumatic Autoimmune Diseases
Rheumatoid arthritis (stiff joints in morning) 172
Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) (sacro-iliac pain)
Osteoarthritis (OA)(joint pains with weather change) 176
Psoriasis (silvery white skin & arthritis)
Reactive Arthritis and Reiter's Syndrome (red eye & arthritis)
Scleroderma & CREST (tight skin on face, hands)
Autoimmune Vasculitis
Giant Cell Arteritis (jaw pain, headache, vision changes)
Takayasu arteritis (headaches & no pulses) 181
Behcet's Disease (mouth & anal ulcers, reduced vision)
Churg-Strauss Syndrome (runny nose, nasal polyps, asthma)
Wegeners (strawberry gum, weak kidney)
Sjogren's (dry mouth & eyes)
Dermatomyositis & Polymyositis (use hands to get out of chair)
SLE or Lupus (butterfly rash on face) 188
Antiphospholipid syndrome (recurrent abortion, embryo death)
Fibromyalgia(noises in muscles & knots) 193
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Gulf war syndrome
MCTD & UCTD Mixed Connective Tissue Disease or overlap disorders
Chapter 23 Psychiatric Autoimmune Diseases
Autism (poor social skills, reading problems)
P.A.N.D.A.S , OCD, Anxiety (ADHD, Bed wetting, irritable)
Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric disorders & Depression
P.T.S.D. (Traumatic event leading to stress)
Schizophrenia (hearing voices) 205
Chapter 24 Gastro Intestinal Diseases 206
Autoimmune Gastritis (AIG) stomach pain after food
Duodenal ulcer autoimmune
Celiac disease (grain disease can cause all diseases)
Crohns disease (appendix like pain, anal drainage)
Ulcerative Colitis (bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain)
Autoimmune acalculous cholecystitis
Autoimmune Hepatitis(hepatitis-c complete alternat cure )
Primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC)(itching, juandice)
Autoimmune pancreatic(jaundice, stomach pain)
Whipple’s disease (arthritis fever, abdominal pain)
Chapter 25 Hemolytic & Lymphoproliferative Diseases
Lymphoproliferative Syndrome ALPS (bruises, infections, large spleen) 219
Autoimmune Hemophilia (frequent bruises and bleeding)
The autoimmune hemolytic anemias (Pale skin dark urine)
Iron deficiency anemia
I.T.P. (Autoimmune Thrombocytopenia) (bruises over skin)
Lymphoma & autoimmune diseases(enlarged lymph nodes)
Cryoglobulinemia(cold induced symptoms)
Porphyria (Sunlight triggered blisters, blackouts)
Chapter 26 Autoimmune inner ear disease
Menieres Disease (vertigo, intermittent hearing loss, nausea)
Sudden Autoimmune Deafness, Vertigo, & Tinnitus
Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome (red eye, hair falling, vitiligo)
Chapter 27 Autoimmune Endocrine disease. 230
Sheehan's syndrome, empty sella syndrome,
Relapsing remitting lymphocytic hypophysitis.
Hashimotos Thyroiditis
Graves Disease(weight loss, tremors)
Diabetes insipidus (bed wetting, frequent urination)
Diabetes mellitus
Addison disease (dark areas of skin, low BP, abdominal pain)
Chapter 28 Autoimmune Gynecological / Obstetrics diseases
Autoimmune Endometriosis
Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion
Male Infertility
Chronic Pelvic pain
Chapter 29 Respiratory autoimmune Disorders 243
Sarcoidosis (sun sensitivity, abdominal pain)
Amyloidosis (enlarged tongue)
Interstitial lung disease
(ILD, Bronchiolitis obliterans and organizing pneumonia (BOOP).
Diffuse alveolar damage (DAD)
Adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
Chapter 30 Renal autoimmune Disorders 250
Interstitial cystitis
Henoch-Schonlein purpura.
Glomerulonephritis Autoimmune
Chronic Autoimmune Prostatitis (CAP), Nonbacterial Prostatitis,
Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
Wegener's granulomatosis involving the urogenital tract
IgA nephropathy
Chapter 31CES
Simple curefor anxiety depression addiction Page 257
Chapter 32 Pain stiffness
Chapter 33 Managed Care, disability
Chapter 34 Mold, MSG syndrome, Mad Cow (must read this kill mold in food) 261
Chapter 35Joint replacement, breast implants, Chlamydia,
Autologous Blood Injection (
the cheapest stem cell replacement),
Exercise for (erectile dysfunction, to fill hollows around eyes,
for vertigo, teeth whitening, breast massage)
Chapter 35Antibiotics in autoimmune diseases 267
Chapter 36 How to manage Viral Infections 269
Chapter 37 Toxic materials to avoid
Chapter 36 Mother of all chapters 273
GM foods
The important therapy 279
References & Acknowledgements PAGE 280


Symptoms are pain any place

Q. What is the best treatment?

The best treatment for myofacial trigger point is massage with ice then strectch and finally massage with a hot water bottle. Rubbing with olive oil works wonders. TENS electrical stimulation is very effective treatment. Almost every type of treatment including trigger point injections give some relief.