Fibromyalgia is the most common autoimmune disease: Most prevalent disease in women.Fibromyalgia CIDPUSA & Nanotech experience

We have our experience based upon 12000 patients in USA.  Dr Imran Khan

Fibromyalgia commonly starts of with neck pain. This disorder targets young women and the neck pain will usually get misdiagnosed as neuralgia. In reality it is Myofacial pain which if treated early on will stop the progression of FMS. the diagnosis of myofacial pain is confirmed by palpating tender areas under the skin, usually located in muscles. On pressing the tender point the pain, experienced by the patient, is reproduced. There are no tests needed to confirm this diagnosis. The best way to get rid of this pain is by rubbing any oil on the tender area and stretching it. If the pain goes away by the procedure described you have the diagnosis.

If the disease is not treated properly then the FMS will slowly spread to adjacent muscles. It will start to cause symptoms of numbness, weakness, difficulty in concentration and non restful sleep. These people wake up tired and feel stiffness in the morning. Because of the pain they develop temper tantrums. As most doctors will be unable to reach this diagnosis the patients will be labeled as a malingerer. Many patients have been brought to me and the family believed they were hysterical and they have walked out of the clinic with a better diagnosis and followed by cure of this disease.

Once the patient is diagnosed and told that they do not have Multiple sclerosis or Cancer most will heal naturally.

I treat the severely affected patients with electro stimulation and antibiotics/antiviral combination with herbal supplements and these chronic patients respond well to these treatments. Most patients achieve a cure so they do not need to be followed.

What are the common causes of this disorder? The number one trigger is stress, due to stress there is a suppression of our immune functions. I think every woman  suffers from stress which is chronic or a sudden PTSD event. The second cause is trauma, this can be a slap on the face, a car accident any small injury at work or just carrying heavy luggage at the airport. I have personally developed myofacial pain from these above described causes.

Fibromyalgia is the most common cause of pain in the world after Myofacial pain. I consider both Myofacial pain and Fibromyalgia as interlinked disorders, They are similar conditions. Trigger points and tender points occur in both the conditions, usually most authors will connect the tender points with Fibromyalgia and Trigger points with Myofacial pain. I have found trigger points in all my patients with fibromyalgia.

vitamin B-12 deficiency is very common in FMS. Don't think about getting tested instead get the sublingual replacement. If by getting the Cynocobalamin tablet the symptoms of fatigue disappear then you were suffering from B-12 deficiency. This deficiency will also result in the patient having hypothyroidism. Those suffering from B-12 deficiency will also gain weight, have trouble awakening from sleep in the morning. There was a time in the US that all doctors would give regular B-12 injections to their patients, those in the third world still use B-12 replacement regularly. However with the birth of managed care B-12 injections were not reimbursed to the doctor and the gatekeepers started demanding a low B-12 level before they would allow authorization for reimbursement of these injections. So the B-12 injections have gone out the door in the developed world.

I have seen that FMS will start usually on the left side of the arm and leg, rarely the right side will be affected. The right side is more commonly involved in women. The cause is the selective attack of our immune system which can target a area based upon their zip-code. Every cell in the body has a immunological identity and cells on one side have a specific identity. So the immune system can attack just one side of the patient fascia (tissue around the muscles) leading to one sided pain. These patients will mimic all types of neurological diseases and will have seen doctors all over the world. The one diagnostic clue is that with all the problems they have a normal neurological examination.

I was introduced to the diagnosis of FMS at the University of Arizona in Tucson. In later years I started to see MS. Parkinson, SLE, rheumatoid patients all also had FMS. These patients would do so much better after their FMS was treated. In one Parkinson patient who lived in a remote part of nowhere, I would drive to his home and inject him in the pelvis. His wife reported that soon after the injections this patient would be able to ambulate.

After I started my practice at Nanotech I met a old friend whose father had Parkinson plus and he walked in a extreme flex posture. I palpated his spine and was reassured by the Family that the local orthopedic surgeons had informed that that short of surgery this case was irreversible. So I proceeded with a trigger point injection and following his next visit there was no pain and the extreme flexed posture of this Parkinson patient had reversed to upright.

I believe that all the pain disorder in Multiple sclerosis is due to FMS.

A interesting phenomena is seen in FMS patients that in some of these patients a complaint of pain is seen during a approaching storm . This pain is due to the fact that a low pressure has developed which causes the muscles to swell. From this cause you can think that by asking the patient to sit a warm water tub will increase the pressure on the muscles and help relieve the pain.

Chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia are overlapping conditions and are usually associated and occur together in the same patient. Both conditions are due to immune dysfunction andinfection.

In one of our patients who had a severe hearing disorder a simple inactivation of her trigger point relived the hearing problem in a nanosecond.

A man with a ALS like disorder was treated for trigger point inactivation and the ALS syndrome disappeared.

Many patients who were awaiting joint replacement were treated for trigger point inactivation and it relived their joint pain and they did not need the joint surgery.

Recurrent chest pain pain has been successfully treated with trigger point inactivation.

A few patients who were awaiting abdominal surgery were and had symptoms of gastric swelling , pain after food were treated by TP inactivation with complete reversal of their symptoms. 

TMJ of jaw pain is a common symptom of FMS and is treated by inactivating TP in the jaw muscles.

These cases respond well to Tens units, Hulda using silver colloid, repetitive magnetic stimulation. These are all effective treatments. The usual dose of doxycycline is 100mg daily.