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 Fix all diseases zapper
  please read our e-book for permanent help.  

Below is a Hulda Clark Zapper
This is a very small electrical circuit which can be made by any student or professional in an hour. The cost of components is a few dollars , recently in USA I got them for a dollar.



#5 Electric shocks

Dr. Clark's Zapper, is a frequency generator which was alleged to kill pathogen by Zapping at the actual resonant frequency of each and every Parasite, Virus and Bacteria.  The company made a series of  claims that its supposed parasite-killing zapper could also cure cancer and AIDS. Cidpusa made these units and tried them in Lahore Pakistan with reversal of Aids, TB and autoimmune diseases .

Hulda Clark's book states "The Cure for all Cancers," states: "All cancers are alike. They are all caused by a parasite. A single parasite! It is the human intestinal fluke. And if you kill this parasite, the cancer stops immediately."

This unit can reverse all diseases ,the heart of this zapper is the 555 IC chip.

One can use a 7555 if you want to prolong the battery life.  Price in USA $0.25 in Lahore Pakistan Rs 5.00

Handle the MC 555 CHIP CAREFULLY  STATIC CAN DESTROY the chip, use CLIPS AS HEAT SINK TO AVOID BURNING THE CHIP DURING SOLDERING. Positive wire starts from the switch toward the chip. Total cost of Circuit in India and Pakistan is rupees 60. The main chip is the most expensive part 555 usually sells for rupees 5. In USA the 555 costs about a dollar. On e-bay you can get 5 for a dollar.

See the brain zapper

A Tens unit produces the same frequency as the zapper and the Tens units are cheaper you can buy one for 15 -20 dollars. A cheap zapper on e-bay is 10-15 dollars but these units have no controls as compared to a Tens unit, just like your body does not like the same foods it does not like the same frequency.

Electrical current of a 9-12 volts D.C.  will kill all viruses circulating in the body. Voltage over 50 volts can be lethal for humans. I have survived several jolts of 220 volts A.C. as a child I was lucky to survive as I usually had shoes on when handling live wires. Its best to have gloves when doing any work on a 220 or 110 line. From 25 volts down bare hands are ok.

No one can survive a D.C Currents and only a few milliamps of DC current will kill bugs in your body.

To learn about electrical treatments see Electrical Stimulation Therapy.



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