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Bad hair days

1. Heat damage

Caused by too much blow-drying and straightening. If you need to blow-dry your hair into style, try to wash it less often. That way you won't need to blow-dry as often. Towel dry your hair before blasting and invest in a deep conditioning treatment and use it fortnightly. Try wearing your hair back at least once a week to give it a break. Get your hair trimmed regularly to remove split ends, and keep the hairdryer at least 6 inches from your head when drying.

2. Horrible cut

If you didn't complain at the time and get them to fix it, you can do one of two things:
Accept it - wear it up/ back or under a scarf, hat or wig until it grows out,
Get it cut again - Go to another salon (if you are rich) or a model cut (if you are not) and get them to fix the cut for you.
Whatever you do, make sure the stylist does what you ask next time.

3. Home dying disaster

  • It's gone green: or pink or any colour it shouldn't have. This is a job for the pros. If you've not got the cash for them then try getting an appointment for a model colour at a reputable hairstylist. They are usually free/cheap but do mention your problem when you ring up, as some may not help you. If it's chlorine that's made it green, ask your chemist for a chlorine removing shampoo, and try wearing a swimming hat in the future.
  • My highlights are too obvious: Go to a salon and get them to put a colour wash/toner over your hair, or convert half the highlights into lowlights. In future remember to use a toner when highlighting.
  • It's patchy:Put it under a headscarf, dash out to the chemists and buy some more, and apply with supervision - If you dye your hair yourself, it is advisable to have someone around who can check you've covered all your hair, or better still do it for you. This is especially vital when you have very long or very thick hair. In these cases it is worth buying two or three bottles of dye to make sure you have plenty to cover it all.
  • The colour faded really fast: This is often because of prelightening the hair before dying it, and is especially problematic for reds and bright 'fun colours'. You sometimes find that semi-permanents hold best on bleached hair, and using a shampoo especially for coloured hair can help to retain the dye. As for fixing the fade, dye it again, but if you must use a permanent, make sure you condition your hair well afterwards and continue to do so.
  • The colour isn't what I wanted:Ask your chemist for a colour-removing product which will take the dye out (but remember, they contain bleach). Alternatively you could try using a semi-permanent dye to cover up the problem and then try a permanent one when that one fades. If in doubt visit your hairdresser for advice or call the helpline on your hair dye box.

4. Poodle locks (bad perms)

  • It didn't take: probably due to incorrect processing. Wait a few days, then go to a professional and get a hair analysis before getting a re-perm.
  • I look like a poodle: Comb conditioner from roots to ends on frizzy tight curls ASAP, wait five minutes then rinse it off. Set your hair on large rollers and let it dry naturally. If this doesn't work, go to a salon that offers the reverse perm.

5. It just won't behave

There is no way it's going to look like you stepped out of a salon today, so either go for a hat or headscarf or do the following:

  • Long: Smooth some de-frizz serum in it and pull it back into a tight ponytail, plait or bun depending on how bad it's being
  • Short: Either throw some wax in it and carry off the ultimate bed head style or twist sections and clip them in place. If it's long enough you could plait it anyway you like.......source:
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