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 Information on  Cheap Dubai Trip  12/12/12

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    Dubai is fast becoming a Go to destination . The usual hotels charge over $500 for a room . This page is setup for those who are going to Dubai on a modest budget.

    I will tell you where to stay , how to get there form the airport cheaply and how to get good food at low cost.

    When you land at the airport then  please exit to the left side of the departure lounge. You will easily see buses parked most with number 11 on them.

    You are going to Look for the number 401 Bus. This bus runs every half hour from the airport to the Last Stop which is Dera Bus stop.

    Remember the parking spot where you got off the bus. This is the exact spot you will come to go back to the airport.

    The bus charges 3 Dirham for your baggage and you, roughly less then S1.00. Average taxi fare is Dirham 30.

    Once You exit the Bus station go to your right and you will see Hotel Pacifica, they also have a website, from where you can make a advanced reservation.  They charge $80 per room if you are three people sharing it costs you about $26 each.

    The restaurants around  Dera are very low cost.

    To enjoy you can head to the river for a Boat Taxi ride which is Dirham 3 and takes you to the other side.



     The next best place to shop is  Bangkok. Below is Jewelry shop in Dubai selling Gold mostly bought by Indians.

    No Visa needed for USA passports and no custom inspection. No dogs smelling your garbage at this airport at Bangkok.

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     Dr Imran Khan Nanotech Neurology Lahore  book on Quranic Shifa. a book packed with information to help you and your family. Also authored A guide to sexual disorders,  Guide to psychiatric disorders. Road back to time- age reversal



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