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During the amal reading, Allahs names are recited continuously , till one is exhausted, the patient should also recite these names according to their limits during the day and night.

The reason why we have recommended that one should recite the specific names of Allah [suiting their need] continuously till one gets exhausted, is in-fact based on the following verse of the Quran in which Allah says: “Allah burdens not any soul beyond its capacity.”[Surah BAQARAH 2:286]. However, we have noticed amazing results MashaAllah, even when normal muslims have recited the names of Allah only for a couple of times its because the acceptance of any dua or amal is only and only dependent on the will of Allah who is the Most Merciful of the Merciful.

General Sickness, Deadly Diseases, Fevers, Burns or Evil Eye: YA SHAAFI YA KAFI YA BAQI ( The Healer,Self-sufficient , The Everlasting) or YA SALAAMU YA MUEEDU (The Giver of Peace, Restorer of Life) or YA Mubadi’al-Mueed (Who Begins the Creation the Restorer of Life) or ALLAHU GHANIYYUN WA KAA-MI-LUN (ALLAH, Independent & Perfect) or YA SALAAMU YA BARRU(Giver of Peace, Source of All-Goodness) or Ya Shaafi-al Amraaz  (Bestower of cures for illness ). Blow into water and/or olive oil and the victim should drink the water and massage the oil on his body daily (do the “blowing” part after  reciting the names above).

Mental disorders (epilepsy, fits, headaches, migraines) and Pains:Begin with reciting YA ALIYUL AZEEM ( Most High,  Supreme in glory) continuously and towards the end, recite YA SALAAMU continuously.

Removing Sterility and for barren women to have children:YA BAARIUL MUSAWWERU (The Giver of Life, The Fashioner). Blow into water and/or olive oil and the victim should drink the water and massage the oil on his body daily.

Ear Problems:YA Sallamo YA Sameeo (The Giver of Peace, The All Hearing)

Cuts, Wounds, fractures(Broken Bones), Slip Disc or Nerve Problems :YA JAAMEO YA SALAAMU (The Assembler, The Giver of Peace) or YA SALAAMU YA MUEEDU

Revive Coma patients, Paralyzed limbs or numbness of limbs, hair loss, leprosy:YA Mubadi’al-Mueed (One Who Begins the Creation and the restorer of Life) or YA MUEEDU YA MUH-YE ( The Restorer, The Giver of Life). Blow into water and/or olive oil and the victim should drink the water and massage the oil on his body daily

Break Kidney or Bile Stones:YA FAALIQO YA SALAAMU  (Splitter, Peace giver)

Beautiful Skin, Face and clean heart: YA JAMEELU (The Beautiful One)

Chicken Pox, Small Pox, Skin Disorders, Menstrual Disorders or any body disorders:ALLAHU GHANIYYUN WA KAA-MI-LUN (ALLAH, The Independent, The Perfect)

Stop excessive bleeding and Neutralize Poison’s: YA MAA-NI- YA SALAAMU (The Preventer/Protector, O The Giver of Peace)

Abundant Knowledge and Wisdom: YA ALEEMU YA HAKÎMU (The All-Knowing,  The ALL WISE) or YA KHABIRU (The All-Knowing)

Honor and Respect: YA MU’IZZU (The Bestower of honor) or YA ZAL JALÂLI WAL IKRÂM (The Possessor of Majesty and Honor)

Spiritual Guidance from Allah (Istakhara): YA RASHÎDU (Guide) or YA ALEEMU YA KHABIRU( All Knowing,  Aware) or YA BADEEUL AJAA-EBi YA KAASHIFUL GHARAAEBI (Originator of Wondrous Things Unveiler of Extraordinary Things). Perform this amal after offering 2 units salaatul hajaat and avoiding any talks, repeat these names till one goes to sleep.

Destroying Evil Magic, JINN or Enemies:YA ALLAHU YA MUMEETU (ALLAH  The Destroyer/Giver OF Death) or YA AZIZ UL JABBAR ( The Mighty Overpowering Lord) or Ya Zal-Izzati was Sultan (Oh Possessor of might and force!) or YA ALLAHU YA KAFI YA ALLAHU YA BAQI (Allah Self-sufficient,  Allah The Everlasting ) . Blow into water and/or olive oil and the victim should drink the water and massage the oil on his body daily. The victims should also bath with the recited water and also spray it over the entire house daily. (When you are spraying the water in the house say Kun Fiyya Kun  with each spray)

Allah says (Kun Fiyya Kun) means  (Be and it Happens)

Protection against all evils, accidents, calamities and for protection against thefts and robbery:YA HAFEEZU (The Protector / Preserver) or YA MUHAYMINU ( The Protector) or YA WALIYYU ( The Protecting Friend) or YA RAQEEBU (The Watchful)

Peace and happiness or to overcome depression or stress or loneliness: YA SALAAMU(The Giver of Peace) or YA LATEEFU (The Most Affectionate) or Ya Zal-Manni wal Ihsan ( Possessor of graciousness and benevolence!)

To overcome any difficulty:YA FATTAAHU (The Opener) or YA BADEEUL AJAAIBE BIL KHAIRI YA BADEEO ( ORIGINATOR OF STRANGE THINGS WITH GOODNESS) or Ya Mufatti hal Abwaab Ya Musabbi bal Asbaab Ya Qadiyal Haajat (Opener of Doors,  Causer of Causes,   Fulfiller of needs)

To Seek Allah’s help and assistance in difficult task: YA WALIYYU ( The Protecting Friend) or Ya Musabbi bal Asbaab Ya Mufatti hal Abwaab Ya Qadiyal Haajat (  Causer of Causes,  Opener of Doors,   Fulfiller of needs)


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