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    JESUS returning  God shows a Miracle

  Miracle picture taken in Hajj 2010   contact services section  
Miracle message in Clouds the AntiChrist or Dhajjal  Link to bigger picture


This picture is a message from God (Almighty)

  g- is written over the top of the picture means G-God

  Then there is a Arabic  الله  or Allah ( God)   written next to theg

   Below the g is written, Press TV 

Below Press and TV

Is the Lion and the Lion has a serpent on its head.

(The king Lion of Judas (Jesus) accession to the throne will take place under the constellations of Leo (the lion) and Hydra (the sea serpent). The picture therefore symbolized celestial approval of this political religious change ) All the world Kingdoms will fall when Jesus establishes the rule of God on Earth. A world war is expected between eastern and western powers. Anti-Christ will be defeated.

Then there is a shadow of a second Lion

 The Lion is facing the one eyed monster (the antichrist)

(The Eye is like a triangle with a eye in it)

 The antichrist is scared of the Lion

Below the one eyed antichrist is written 911

The picture is taken in the center of Grand Mosque of Makkah looking towards Marwa side


All religions belong to God. Due to recent problems in the world God is sending us a message. This picture in the sky appeared during the Muslim pilgrimage of Hajj and was visible from inside the Haram Grand Mosque in Kabaa

 Look at the eye of the antichrist for a sign.

Jesus referred to as Isa in the Quran will first return to Makkah where Jesus will lead the Prayer in the Grand Mosque. All Religions will follow Jesus.

Jesus is ready to be sent back by God & Jesus will overcome the antichrist. For a reign of Peace on Earth.

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