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Humans are a complex creation. Not only have a brain which can hold more information then any computer in the world, the human brain can retrieve the stored information faster then any computer can.

The human computer can run, swim, climb mountains, survive in the hottest deserts, in the most humid rain forests dive in the sea, while a computer cannot do this.

The human computer can feel heat, cold, see and keep photographic details, smell and remember the event associated with the smell. Hear and remember the voice of the person.

The human computer can sense a problem before it happens, this is called psychic phenomena and each one of us has this. No man made computer can ever do this.

The human computer have a voice and tone control, it can become angry, show love, become emotional and cry, show sympathy and give advice or money while a man made computer cannot do this.

A human computer does not need to be connected to electricity or power source , its is self powered unit, working on sugars taken from food.

You never need a IT department to fix your computer, it repairs itself every night. So who could have built such a beautiful unit which is so small that it fits in the human skull. Yet it can see, hear, smell, feel, sense, have special senses and phenomenon to put a hex on others called evil eye. The One that built this brain is Allah.

Humans have only dissected a dead human body, medical science has never been able to explain evil eye its symptoms and how to fix a disease caused by evil eye. This is what this book is about.

This book a explains symptoms of evil eye how to improve your computer and feed it properly and maintain this unit.

A human PC has several other features not known by medical sciences. Like remote viewing, telepathy sending messages to any other human remotely.

Humans have a sprite, even after death the human body emits unique frequency. After revivingseveral dead people it has been found that they could still hear.

Humans have a sprite , a guardian angle and a Satan interconnected to their computer.

All healing is provided by God. This is what you will find addressed in this book ageing

Quran page

Quran healing
Quranic Shifa - Quran Diet & personality improvement - Quran MedicineThird edition Option to purchase bookat bottom of this page: See Message from Allah Ramadan special 1.99 book Shifa & Hidden Secrets in Quran

Treatment through Quran healing or Shifa available all over the world.

All religions in the world belong to God (Allah) Quran , so respect every religion. Be Humble.

Allah is the light of the universe, provider of knowledge to the humans, states if you want to move mountains, fold the earth, talk to the dead then read this book (Quran).

Third edition of Quran healing or Shifa with wisdom pearls to prevent & cure diseases . Improve your personality, learn the hidden meaning of Quran

Read the contents Below.

"the candle that was the light of the caves for 40 years one day would illuminate the world"Allama Iqbal

Quran is composed of 114 chapters or sura. Verses of the Quran have an obvious (Zahir) meaning and a hidden (Batin) meaning. This book is about the hidden meanings. In the Quran it is said, "in this are signs for men of understanding".

About The Author:

Dr Imran Khan Served in the office of the Surgeon General USA, and was appointed Lt Commander in the US Public Health Service. Neurology training at the University of Arizona and was recommended for the award of the best resident and Queens Square institute of Neurology. Dr Khan had several awards in clinical practice for helping treat indigent patients , for teaching and a letter of recommendation from the Surgeon General USA. Dr Khan published his first book on autoimmune diseases in 2005 after twenty years of research in USA. He was a research fellow at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Trained at Royal Postgraduate Medical School London. Obtained spiritual healing  in Makkah.

At the writing of this edition, was consulting Neurologistin Makkah

(Quran): It is Allah who cures, *Allah huwa al shafi*

Contents of Quranic Shifa


Humans a weak creation

ADD attention deficit disorder in the Quran

The first Genetic change in mankind by food,

Layers of human development and foods requirements for these layers

Allah warns Adamto stay away from this food & diseases the food causes

Cataract, Cure

Evil Eyeor *Nazar*aieen*Saher*Black Magic* Symptoms & their cure

Honey, olive oil, * Fig (angeel) "Teen" Getting rid of Satan & Water cure

Signs in fruits and vegetables, secrets of health,

Water and its benefits, Cleaning ritual, Sanna Makki

Molecular change in water

Vitamin-D, sunlight benefits

Date fruit & Virgin Mary,

Olive Oil Benefits

The Built in voice inside our head

Signs in animals, manno o salwa & special meat gift

Chapter two: Shifa & Guidelines for disease prevention

Chapter three: Benefits of Fasting, Vaccination, autoimmune diseases,
Cholesterol, Kidney stone, B.P, Arthritis Stroke,, Dental Pains, Stents, Burning, neck and back pain (Natural Cures)
Alzheimer 's, legs weakness, Asthma,
Irritable-Bowel, infertility, impotence in men, Eczema, Pemphigus, Acne,
Wound healing, fibromyalgia, carpal-tunnel, Vasculitis,
Cancer, Prostate,
throat pain, fungus, ADD, dark circles under eyes

Chapter- Four Asma I Husna

Chapter -5 Quran Translation The best medicine for us, 54

Chapter-6 Guidelines for raising Children

Chapter-7 Lifestyle changes

Chapter 8 Secrets in Fruits & Vegetable

Chapter 9 Rain water cures page

Chapter 10 A disease in the Quran about non believers

Learn from animals

Chapters 11 Change yourself and heal

Chapter 12Cancer

Chapter 13 Ultimate remedy for all illness

Chapter 14Quls

Chapter 15 Most powerful ayat in the Quran

Chapter 16 Prophets (saw) Medicine

Chapter 17 Pollution as mentioned in the QURAN

Chapter 18 Holy water

Chapter 19 What is real milk that Allah recommends

A special Egg Allah Calls pure in the Quran

Important closing statement page ,the special clay

Mathematical Value of Foods in Quran

Satan and the problems he causes

Discounted Quranic Shifa E-Bookfor the Holy Months Dollar 1.99

this is students special $1.99 e-book only sent by email

Expect a 5-6 Hour delay after payment then you will get the Book in your email. Contact us through services link.


Dollar -15 Quranic Shifa Guideline

This book helps in developing your senses, learn how to avoid surgery to repair your broken bones naturally, specially in the neck and back.

The Quran Shifa e-book is available in spiral bound printed format the cost of shipping and printing is $ 49.

This book is a guide for all the ailing humanity in the world. Spiritual healing and provides the secrets in the Quran. These secrets are reveled which are hidden in the Quran.
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