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Welcome to Imaginations Kindergarten, Nursery School   Town Lahore       The number one school in Pakistan  THIS SCHOOL IS CLOSED

 Parents Comments

The School of Imaginationís innovative method to learning  was so advanced my son was selected in Aitchison, friendly staff here.
Sajjad Khan

The School of Imagination provides small class sizes of 9-12 children with low student to teacher ratios. The curriculum consists of both structured and hands-on project learning opportunities tailored for ALL children.                                                                                                                                           This was a reason that my daughter was given a admission in Queen Mary    Parveen Ahmad

 The school of Imagination  makes Teamwork  a part of the program to develop fine motor, sensory skills, sequencing, artistic expression, music awareness, math, and science. This led my daughter to be admitted in Covent. Thanks   Yasmin Bokahari

The School of Imagination is an inclusion program that allows your child to develop the skills and confidence to succeed in all educational settings.  Naeem Khan

What we do

- Superior Academic Preparation
- Theme-based Individualized Curriculum
- Zoo-phonics and High-Reach Learning
- Fine Motor and Sensory Skill Development
- Cultivation of Gifts & Talents
- Artistic Expression and Music Awareness

Happy Scholars Tutoring for Kindergarten Readiness. Individual help with educational goals, including support for Kindergarten readiness, classroom collaboration & ESL students. Call to set up appointment.

- Infant Development Program, Regional Center. Specialized program designed to endure each child's overall development through fun and developmentally appropriate educational activities. Each child is provided with an individual therapy plan to meet their unique needs.

Imaginations Kindergarten is an independent nursery school situated in the most beautiful Town countryside. The nursery provides child care for pre-school children from two to five years of age in the old village primary school. It is about one miles north of   within easy reach of Canal Bank, Wapda Town and communities near Tokhar Niaz.
In this idyllic setting, our experienced staff of teachers and nursery nurses are totally committed to planning and providing learning opportunities through the medium of play. Play underpins the whole curriculum and is central to the teaching and learning ethos of the nursery. We have a large garden and children have access to this in all weathers. Staff ensure that the activities on offer, both outside and inside are well planned and provide a rich learning environment which covers all the areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.