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Welcome to Imaginations Kindergarten, Nursery School  (Pre School System)    Lahore tele 35315034   The number one school in Pakistan

We prepare students for Aitchison College, Convent of Jesus and Mary and all other Grammar schools. We provide  students with a friendly environment and allow them to be creative. We strongly believe in developing the child's imagination through Art and Craft, story telling, reading, music, computer and group work. We help them develop their social skills, and work on their character building


The Imagination  Child Curriculum

 Children learn best when they’re actively engaged. Need to recognize that children are naturally curious. All the children are talented, capable and special, whether they enjoy music, art,  math, whether they want be a doctor or a teacher. The children learn critical science, math, reading and writing concepts through hands-on, sensory-oriented activities. Imaginations unique  curriculum gives children the guidance — and the freedom — to construct their own body of knowledge in ways most meaningful to them.

Through The  curriculum, children:

  • Activities are a central part of education.
  • Teaching to help discover natural talents.
  • Develop self esteem.
  • Provide freedom and teach in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Finding solutions through a thought process..
  • Make them independent
  • Teaching team work
  • Spiritual relaxation through religion

In fact, Imaginations can offer families concrete data on how the curriculum is meeting the educational and developmental needs of the children in its program. Results from a preschool assessment tool showed that children attending Imaginations made substantial gains in their learning and development and have the educational skills needed for a successful transition into kindergarten. This assessment tool also assists teachers in developing customized curriculums for each individual child.

The curriculum at Imaginations was designed by education specialists.


Imaginations Kindergarten is an independent nursery school situated in the most beautiful Johar Town countryside. The nursery provides child care for pre-school children from two to five years of age in the old village primary school. It is about one miles north of  Shakut Khanum , and within easy reach of Canal Bank, Wapda Town and communities near Tokhar Niaz.
In this idyllic setting, our experienced staff of teachers and nursery nurses are totally committed to planning and providing learning opportunities through the medium of play. Play underpins the whole curriculum and is central to the teaching and learning ethos of the nursery. We have a large garden and children have access to this in all weathers. Staff ensure that the activities on offer, both outside and inside are well planned and provide a rich learning environment which covers all the areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

 Johar Town Lahore  35315034