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This  Nursery School  was shut down go to health page cidpusa
We had created a warm and secure environment which is welcoming to children and parents. Our staff are highly experienced and understand the needs of children and their parents at this first step from the familiarity of home.

Our inspected nursery is situated on the beautiful  Town Estate and in these large grounds we take the children for walks where they discover the joys of the countryside in complete safety.

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The Kindergarten can accommodate 30 pre-school children, ranging in age from two year olds to five years old. Children are divided into smaller groups to provide the appropriate learning environment.
The nursery is open during school hours. Day care out of these times is not provided.
The School has a varied and extensive range of equipment available to help with the development of each child's skills according to age and ability.


We prepare students for Aitchison College, Convent of Jesus and Mary and all other Grammar schools. We provide  students with a friendly environment and allow them to be creative. We strongly believe in developing the Childs imagination through Art and Craft, story telling, reading, music, computer and group work. We help them develop their social skills, and work on their character building.


Naveed tops Arts

 Tablets from the Indus Valley Civilization

K-2  Peak second Highest in the world at 28.252  feet 

A mountain never been climbed in the winter