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Welcome to the treatment page of CIDPUSATreatment of autoimmune diseases is simple. These diseases present after a viral immune attack like food poisoning or a flu. It could start after a attack of Lymes disease, or due to exposure to a abnormal protein like Gluten in the case of Celiac enteropathy. The symptoms of fatigue, tiredness, weakness, pain, stress, anger which often comes in cycles (remits and relapses) or (waxes and wanes). If your disease comes in cycles which are days, weeks, months apart then you have a autoimmune disease process. The autoimmune diseases are associated with a elevated SED rate or ESR. (Sed Rate is a simple blood test which measures inflammation). C-reactive protein (CRP) is blood test used to measure inflammation & is elevated in autoimmune diseases.Sed rate (ESR) is a simple test and some people have done it at home.

One can use a antibiotic like Doxycycline to stop the spread of virus as Doxycycline stops the replication of any Virus. Even the COVID-19 has been stopped in its track by Doxycycline.

The next step is to reduce inflammation hich can be done by very short term steroids and then change over to Turmeric.

IVIg quickly reverses any autoimmune disease, if available IVIG should be used asap at the start of a autoimmune diseases. If IVIg is not available then the closest alternative is amino acid infusion for a month.

On the diet side refined carbohydrates should be avoided, use a diet based on brown rice and precaution should be taken at least for two months to avoid Gluten.

Vitamins are important and specially Vitamin -D 5000 units needs to be used daily sublingually, along with vitamin B-12, B-6 taken by stomach and B-1 daily.

Avoid soaps and shampoo and use Borax daily for cleaning. To clean teeth a solution of 3% Hydrogen peroxide should be used.

For all diseases being caused by Celiac disease see their diagnosis at Celiac diagnosis.GBS

For diagnosis of GBS see GBS diagnosis. The diagnosis ofAlzheimer's.

Laboratory findings for CIDP or Polyneuropathy
The major laboratory tests for CIDP are electrophysiologic studies, CSF examination, and nerve biopsy.

Electrophysiological Tests consist of two parts. EMG or Electro-Myo-Graphy & NCV or Nerve-conduction-Velocity Please go to next page for more details

In epilepsy the attacks occur in cycles and thus epilepsy is showing its character of an autoimmune disease. Epilepsy is easily reversible if treated as an autoimmune disease.

Pathalogy in CIDP and autoimmune diseases