Created: Monday, November 12, 2007


 We are being given the science and technology and wisdom to totally heal all the people on the planet and also the planet itself. On the other hand, there is a lot of resistance out there to acceptance of the new knowledge that we are being given, a knowledge that is incredibly simple. Usually it is the simple where the clarity is, where the answer is.

You are nothing more than light that is slowed down; you are an energy field, a miniature model of the universe. .

How does energy flow through the body? If we are made of light and if energy flows through us, what is the form of the energy and what are the pathways? The Chinese wrote about acupuncture 5,000 years ago and we know from acupuncture that we have twelve major rivers in our body called meridians. In acupuncture and in energy medicine we use an interesting instrument called a hologram. The hologram is an instrument that measures the flow of energy through those twelve rivers and it can give you a computer print-out when you are out of balance. I send my patients to a doctor who tests them with the hologram, and the hologram gives a diagnosis and tells where the energy is blocked and where there is too much energy. All disease is, is imbalance. And once you have the diagnosis, and know the imbalance, we can fasten the electrodes to the energy deficient pathways, and crank some energy in there, and in a series of treatments bring the body back into balance. If the body is in balance, disease doesn't exist.


Brain waves are a flow of energy which can be measured at anywhere from 1 to about 28 Hz. The slow brain waves, the delta waves, occur in deep sleep;theta waves occur when we are sleepy;alpha is a meditative or day-dreaming state, and beta occurs when we are thinking and intellectualizing. Light and sound can control our brain waves, and this has a phenomenal impact on our body. When we go into thealpha state, our heart rate slows down, our breathing becomes deeper, we increase our oxygen, our intelligence increases, and we secrete a whole set of different hormones into our bodies. I have a little gadget called a light synchronizer which flashes light in your eyes and sound in your ears. It can put you in any state you want, a thinking state (beta), a peaceful state (alpha), a light sleep state (theta) or a deep sleep state (delta). So using light and sound in a very simplistic way, we can manipulate the body through energy.


There is a girl in Denver, Colorado, named Sherry Edwards, who does unusual work with sound. . She demonstrated in this patient and in many other patients that you can regenerate tissue with sound. And for the sound frequency you are missing, there is a corresponding light frequency that you are missing. There is a specific missing frequency for a certain disease as well as a whole host of patterns that go with that. If you can see what a person is missing in their note, you can predict a whole pattern of symptoms that happen together. So once you have that frequency, it alerts you to a whole group of areas in your body where there is potential weakness, and you can bring those areas of weakness back into balance as you bring the sound frequency back into the energy field.

She uses a computer which can pick up the note the person is missing and you crank out that note and lower it to the lowest octave, and she makes a tape of that.


Light has been used to treat illness for a long time. We know that light impacts on the hypothalamus and the pineal gland. The hypothalamus puts out hormones which work through the autonomic nervous system, putting the body back into balance. Light has a profound impact on the body. I have a light machine which I use in my office. It's like a strobe and I put light through certain crystals to get certain energy wave-lengths. This machine is very effective for people who have depression. It is especially useful in the winter time in the Yukon where we have two dark months. People become a little melancholy after two months in the darkness. I often see people coming in February and they are depressed. There is often nothing wrong except a light deficiency. There has also been some interesting research done with light therapy, shining flashing light in the eye, which has improved vision.


We have the tools available to manipulate our energy and any one of us can do a great deal to bring ourselves into balance. The biggest obstacle to good health is the emotional plane. If you are feeling resentment and anger and jealousy in your heart, you have a road block there that you can't get through with a tank. So you say "Doctor, I'm eating all the right things, and doing exercises, but I still hate my mother-in-law and I think I always will". We have to deal with the emotional planes. Another tool that I have been using for dealing with the emotional planes is breath work. It is another form of energy which we pull in from breathing. You lay down. There is music playing, and you start to breathe deeply and after about a half an hour, you just start releasing. There are areas where you are carrying tension that might release. Insights will come and you just start working through the emotional planes. Everybody has certain blocks which they have to work through. It is a very simple safe procedure that is available to you.