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Dr Robert Beck was a physicist PhD in physics

from the University of Southern California. Prior to USC Dr. Beck was
a Professor at the University of California. Dr. Beck is known as a
renowned researcher and inventor in the field of Energy Medicine
devices. Amongst his achievements he is accredited with a version of
the Brain Tuner. This device has been successful in helping to
alleviate anxiety, addictions, insomnia and depression. As he
initially trained as a photojournalist he applied his inventive flair
and curiosity toward flash photography. He was the inventor of the
strobe flashlight.

He has been nominated by a Mexican hospital for the Noble Prize for
his research in developing an Aids cure.

Bob Beck formed his first company specializing in the development of a
powerful electroencephalogram . Through his company he conducted
extensive research on the electrical properties of the brain. From
this research was born a powerful electroencephalogram . After
reading articles on a 'black box' device, developed by a British
surgeon, Dr. Margaret Patterson, he became increasingly interested in
the potential of electricity and the brain. Dr Patterson had developed
this 'black box' with Dr Wong of Hong Kong an expert in
electro-acupuncture . Though its inventors to help reduce symptoms of
recovering drug addicts used this black box, Beck saw other potential
for this device.

Bob Beck used research and technology from the black box to develop
his own device. He called it the Brain Tuner. Based around the
principal of frequencies it used over 200 specific frequencies to
encourage the rejuvenation, healing, and rapid re-stimulation of the

Bob Beck's research then led on to look at the effect of electrical
frequency on the lymphatic system. Working on the basis that many
viral infections ay shelter in the lymph nodes, he developed a
magnetic pulse generator to induce electricity in specific nodes
around the body. Beck's work in this field led him to do much work
with HIV and AIDS patients. His studies also highlighted
ionic/colloidal silver as a natural antibiotic, providing a potential
alternative to the somewhat clumsy approach of pharmaceutical
antibiotics. He went on to elaborate his research by creating devices
able to make colloidal/ionic silver at home.

Bob Beck went on to lecture and give demonstrations at health trade
shows around North America. It was at one such show in Seattle, in
1996 that a couple (Russ Torlage and Lesley Punt) came across Beck's
device. Lesley Punt was suffering from M.E. of Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome and the couple were at the Seattle show looking for possible
ways to alleviate her condition. They took Beck's device and
redesigned it, making it an accessible tool for public use.

In pursuit of improving the affectivity of Beck's device Dr. Beck
introduced a protocol. Along with the both blood electrification the
protocol also includes the making of ionic/colloidal silver, and the
ozonation of drinking water, thus increasing the level of oxygen in
the blood.

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