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Number-1  Advanced  Disease  & Cancer Treatment Center  on  Planet Earth

  Lahore Nanotech لاہور  
           Autoimmune Disease are the number one disease process today! In the whole world.  

اللہ ہمارے رہنما  


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     Nanotech Treats Cancer by radio frequency and pulser treatment no chemotherapy or surgery involved.

     Diabetic Blindness Reversed by pulser treatment No surgery.

     Thyroid enlargement (Goiter) reduced by pulser treatment no surgery.

    Hepatitis C complete eradication of symptoms in 15 days.

    Treatment for Aids complete without drugs.

    Complete treatment of Epilepsy by use of external stimulator.

   Electronic Weight loss program simple to follow diet program.

   Weight gain in two weeks if you are very skinny and thin, we will turn you into a beauty queen.

   Purchase our wrinkle removal unit for home use, removes all wrinkles without Botox. (Nanotech)

   Hair growth at home simple protocol.


Read The Flame within a guide to prevent & treat autoimmune diseases by Dr Imran Khan

Quran states this is the book for those who can understand.

(Nanotech trains doctors in a autoimmune fellowship, pain fellowship, & joint disease management)

  1. Nanotech  manufacture their own radiofrequency units for  neuralgic pain control. 2007
  2. Nanotech develops,  Cranio Electric Stimulator to stop depression, anxiety and reverses neuropsychiatry disorders 2007, stop addiction any type including sexual in days. Treatment effective within minutes.
  3. Nanotech develops Bone Pulser for quickly increasing strength in fractured bones and healing fractures.  2008
  4. Nanotech develops  the worlds first external epilepsy stimulator to control Epilepsy.2008
  5. Nanotech develops the first Parkinsonism external deep brain stimulator2008
  6. Nanotech developed electropolation  will fix any infection, wound tumor swelling in a few days  2008
  7. Nanotech develops DCE to fight any Flu without drugs, multi output family or commercial hospital unit 2009
  8. Nanotech develops facial unit to reduce face swelling, control acne and reduce wrinkles electronically 2009
  9. Nanotech develops Mag Pulser for reducing pain 2009. ( All of our units are for sale at our facility)

(Only advanced Medical  electronic equipment developer out side the Western World) Nanotech

   Nanotech tames the autoimmune disease by attacking their causes.  Read our e-book for details based upon 25 years of  published scientific research). We  treat the root cause of the disease not the symptoms. Resulting in a end to the disease.

 We are light years ahead of any autoimmune clinic in the world. They way we infuse IVIg subcutaneously not only to reduce the dose but to make it more potent. Zero IVIg related side effects at our facility. The only IVIg pump being manufactured in the USA is in part by our consultation. We can tame autoimmune disorder by ways others  cannot even dream about. (Knowledge is power).

 Kids with behavior disorder, drug seeking behavior or sexual devious behavior successfully treated at Nanotech.

Men do you have a  low libido, low general and sexual drive, erection problems, high weight, mood swings, depression and difficulty in the ability to concentrate. Then call us for HELP. Open 7 days a week  at Nanotech.

We remove kidney stones without a stone busters or surgery just plain old herbs. Guaranteed results.

Do not remove a Cataract call us for non surgical treatment and no surgery. Did I tell you cataract surgery can be followed by vision loss!


Women who have constant fatigue, pains, stiff joints, loss of sleep or stress we can help you right away.

Planning a Kidney transplant , Nanotech can fix your original kidney if you still have urine flow..

We bypass the heart without surgery and stents by oral chelation.

We have improved a disabled Parkinsonism in many patients.

Helped Epilepsy in children , women and men. A man who used to jerk all the time stopped jerking and got married. Don't poison your children with epilepsy medication get our Nanopulser.

Complete reversal of Vasculitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, Epilepsy, Headaches, Alzheimer's

Complete reversal of CIDP , neuropathy, GBS,

Improved arthritis, joint disorders, muscle weakness

Complete reversal of skin lesions , make your face more beautiful

Complete reversal of fatigue, pains, epilepsy, tremors, anxiety , depression by our unique ECT & CMS treatments.


We provide internet based help.

  Nasreen Khan & Salahuddin Khan -parents,


Mera Kam Hai Gharibo ke hamiat karna   

Aids the man made genocide       

Water as fuel for your car

Best Fat Lowering diet.

Lymes Disease & CIDP


Wagner's syndrome

Toxic chemicals at home

Sleep apnea and heart attacks

Super Bugs at Gym

Injuries to children from bags

Bipolar symptoms

Blood injection


Happiness is contagious



Lahore Clinic activities

In our clinic at Lahore we have treated patients who were could not be helped by doctors in many western countries suffering from autoimmune disorders..

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