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 Course is tailored around your availability, weekends, evenings you will need to be with us for a total of 60 hours.

This fellowship is designed to train doctors in the emerging 21st century subspecialty of autoimmune diseases. The entire spectrum of autoimmune disorders recognized as autoimmune in nature comprises both idiopathic and paraneoplastic entities, and intersects all traditional medical subspecialties:  Learn to diagnose, treat  and manage autoimmune diseases. Become a world class expert in  diagnosing, managing and reversing  autoimmune diseases.

    Simple to follow instructions and simple to follow guidelines. We will teach you everything.

  Reverse arthritis, stop multiple sclerosis, reverse Alzheimer's, Become a neuro psychiatric consultant.

   Learn how to manage pain, how to treat and fix joint problems, spine problems. All muscular pains and headaches.

  Complete guidelines to treat all neurological, psychiatric, rheumatic, dermatological,   obstetric, gynecological and  heart & lung disorders.

   Take our electronic disease management course. Learn to treat diseases and injuries with electro medicine and Nanotechnology.

   Biological Disease management, treat MRSA, AIDS, any infection .


   Became a CIDPUSA Fellow in autoimmune disease management. Course offered at Nanotech Lahore Facility.

 Best for post graduate doctors in Practice.

 Diet management lecture, control diseases by diet alone. Diet is based upon principals found in Torah, Bible and Quran.

 Supplement Lecture and a homeopathic drug lecture.

 We will teach to turn your fingers into a therapeutic touch healing source.

 Lectures available via internet and phone Train any student, nurse , Doctor in autoimmune diseases management.

Learn Stem Cell treatment very inexpensive.

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