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Reducing Inflammation Can Save Your Life

We have known for a long time that chronic stress and depression can suppress immunity. But it's a shock to learn that they also activate a special type of immunity that leads to chronic brain inflammation.

The opposite is also true: Chronic immunity activation and resulting inflammation can trigger major depression. Evidence is mounting that activating the immune system causes the type of depression that appears without warning.

Research bears out the following facts:

One of the major causes of inflammation is a poor diet. We know that a number of foods can dramatically increase inflammation.

The worst diet is one high in N-6 fats, because it suppresses natural, cell mediated immunity while dramatically increasing inflammation. Americans eat 50 times the amount of these harmful fats as needed for health, mainly at the recommendation of the same government and medical geniuses who force vaccination programs on us.

Inflammation "boosters"

Inflammation "busters"

The following supplements help reduce inflammation:

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