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Capsicum in your health

Scientists have proven that spicy food can kill cancer cells. Capsicum, the compound in chili that makes them hot has been shown to effectively kill cancer, and eating it regular is at least a cancer preventative. It also offers a range of other health benefits, including a spicy sex life.

Dr Timothy Bates who made the discovery says that "This is incredibly exciting and may explain why people living in countries like Mexico and India, who traditionally eat a diet which is very spicy, tend to have lower incidences of many cancers that are prevalent in the western world."

According to Bates, capsicum attacks the power house of the tumour, thus killing the cancerous tumour cells and reducing tumour growth, while not appearing to harm surrounding healthy cells.

Other Benefits of Hot Food Include:

Beautiful Skin Anti inflammatory and improves circulation

Relief and prevention of Arthritis It offers pain relief and is anti inflammatory.

Lowers Blood Pressure Going hot increases the circulatory system and maintains strong cell walls.

A fantastic remedy for Cluster Headaches and Migraines rub a chili on your temples, and some researchers are even investigating the effects of snorting it up the nose! (I don't recommend this to the faint hearted!) A mood lifter and depression fighter they increase endorphins and other mood elevating substances.

Reduce flu symptoms, sinusitis, and respiratory problems opens everything up, makes you sweat, and boosts the system. A fantastic remedy for Herpes Simplex flare ups you can rub a hot chili straight on the skin to watch it disappear!

Muscle Pain we all know that putting something hot and spicy on muscular pain offers relief. Again, a hot chili pepper straight on the skin will do the trick.


Overactive Bladder/Incontinence has been shown to block contractions that cause unpredictable loss of urine.

Psoriasis - Topical capsicum creams have been prescribed to dry up psoriasis patches.

Ulcers - Hot peppers inhibit the growth of H. Pylori, the bacteria that causes certain kinds of ulcers.

And the best benefit of all is that it improves libido and sex drive!!


So if you are interested in preventing cancer, enjoying good health, and spicing up your sex life, eat more spicy food!