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by:Gerson, Charlotte

POTASSIUM VERSUS SALT We have to supplement the body with the very important mineral potassium. Everyone nowadays eats salt. Every bit of prepared food that comes from the store whether it is bread, cookies or canned food contains salt. All processed foods contain reduced potassium and raised sodium. Salt is required for tumour growth. For health, we need a low level of sodium and a high level of potassium. By eating salt, we are reversing the actual levels of minerals that we need in our body.

HIGH PROTEIN - MEAT, SAUSAGES, CHEESE AND HOT DOGS Doctors and nutritionists advise you that animal protein is needed for strength and tissue repair, but that is absolutely the worst advice you can get. Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden tested what happens to meat when it is cooked. They found that when any kind of flesh including chicken, poultry, white meat, red meat, pork and lamb was heated to 212 degrees, whether it was boiled, broiled, fried or baked, the protein in the meat changed into toxic amides that do nothing in your body except provide you with carcinogens.Meat is strictly a carcinogen. This was discovered and reported before a Congressional Committee in the U.S. in 1978 when they showed that meat eaters versus non-meat eaters in the population have ten times the incidence of colon cancer. Now if you like meat for the taste, that is a different story, I won't argue about tastes. But meat gives you neither strength, energy nor good health. The latest research done at the University of California at Irvine, showed that children who eat only as many as 12 hot dogs a month, only three a week had 10 to 12 times higher incidence of leukemia and brain tumors. This is terrible. Children are being fed these toxic and deficient foods. And cancer in children is increasing. Cancer deaths in children now exceed deaths due to accidents. Children should be healthy. Cancer used to be a disease of old age. Sausages are some of the worst food there is. The meat is already bad if it is fresh. Sausages are chemically treated, dyed and preserved. They have nitrites, nitrates and nitrosamines. Cheese is also a terribly dangerous food - high in fat, sodium and protein, the very things you need to grow tumors. Cheese is just as bad as meat.

MOTHER'S MILK FOR BABIES Start right at the beginning if possible. Babies need mother's milk. Cow's milk is not the same thing. Cow babies grow rapidly. They are usually adults within two years. In two years your baby is a toddler; humans are not fast growing, but grow with fine delicate differentiation. You are not raising a cow's brain but a human brain. It takes entirely different minerals from the cow's milk. The cow's milk is fairly high in sodium for fast growth, and will give you a big baby, a fat baby. You want a good healthy baby with a fine brain, and you will get that from mother's milk.


CARROT JUICE FOR PROTEIN If you don't drink milk and eat meat where will you get your protein? I don't say don't eat protein, I say don't eat animal protein. Carrot juice happens to have 1.4% protein. Mother's milk is 1.8% protein. Babies who are totally allergic to everything - formula, cow's milk, even mother's milk, goat's milk, soya milk and every kind of milk you can think of, have been raised exclusively on nothing but carrot juice. There is enough protein in carrot juice to raise a healthy baby, which means enough protein to maintain a healthy body. I assure you that you don't need meat.


RADIATION DAMAGE is remarkable reversible. If you look in A Cancer Therapy at case number 11, this man had been exposed originally to the atomic bomb explosion in Los Alamos, and he had developed testicular cancer like so many of those soldiers. They then gave him 88 deep X-ray treatments! Seven months later the cancer was back in both his lungs, and they sent him home to die. This was in 1956, at age 28. He went to my father's clinic in New York. The man is alive and well today. The X-ray damage took longer to heal than the cancer, but it healed completely, all the X-ray burns on the skin and the internal organs, everything healed.


CHEMOTHERAPY It is actually harder to reverse chemotherapy because chemotherapy leaves poison in the body. X-rays leave burns and damage in the body, not poison. But even after chemo, you can recover. The Gerson Therapy can detoxify most chemo damage. When people are given chemotherapy, the body excretes approximately 40 to 50% after they are given it, but the rest stays. Where exactly it stays I have no idea. I believe some of it goes into the fatty tissue and some may well go into the connective tissues, I don't know.


What happens though, and we found this out, when you detoxify these patients, the body lets go of the stored chemo, and it goes into the blood stream before it is filtered out through the liver and out of the body. Now comes the problem. We have had patients who came to us after six, eight, ten treatments of chemo. We put them on a full detoxifying therapy with as many as five coffee enemas a day plus castor oil every other day by mouth and they got terribly sick. The body was releasing all this chemotherapy from the tissues and they got an overdose of chemo. Of course we stopped that quickly. We learned the hard way. We learned that chemo patients have to be treated more gently and be detoxified more slowly. You would think it would be good to get rid of the suff, but you can't hurry it. The body usually produces healing reactions after the first week, the sixth and about three and a half months into the treatment. The body lets go of a lot of junk. With patients who have had chemo, we see a very heavy reaction after six months. I can't tell you why, but that is what we have observed. Then the body is clean and you heal.


We had a lady who had had a bone marrow transplant and an enormous amount of chemo for an ovarian cancer. She didn't admit to the bone marrow transplant because she thought we wouldn't admit her. Chances are we might not have, it is too much. But she got in and started to improve little by little and then she had a healing reaction at six months. She broke out all over her body in boils. This is the only case we have ever observed with boils. We have to assume that in her case, all the chemo was right under the skin in the fatty or connective tissue. For a couple of weeks she had these boils, but she fought her way through it and they went away. Then her body was clean and she healed. So it is possible that sometimes you go through very unpleasant problems on account of chemotherapy. We have even seen two patients after bone marrow transplants and it is pretty terrible. If you can possibly avoid it do so. But we have had no luck with pancreatic cancer patients who have had chemo. Without chemo, pancreatic cancer is still curable. We have two patients right here in Canada on Vancouver Island who are fully recovered from terminal pancreatic cancer, one for nine years and one for fifteen years.



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