Created: Monday, November 12, 2007

Shortly after the WHO labelled electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), it clearly communicated in June 2011 that no consistent evidence of adverse health effects has been found in humans from radiofrequency fields.

Large-scale investigation into harmful effects of radiofrequency fields from mobile phone towers is lacking.

But despite several studies not finding any significant or consistent effects, it is prudent to adopt a precautionary approach and reduce the duration of usage and number of times mobile phones are used. Most importantly, children, especially younger children, should be discouraged from using mobile phones.

In the same vein, steps to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobile towers should be taken.


The report contradicts itself in some instances. After stating that wildlife appear to be at high risk from electromagnetic field, it retracts by stating that not much information is available on the biological impact on wild species!

There is also wilful misrepresentation of facts when they chose not to include details from the cited work that would in any way weaken their argument. For instance, one paper does indicate that other variables in addition to mobile tower radiation might be causing some adverse effects. By not mentioning the co-founding factors, the committee report conveys a completely different message.

This article is not at all discussing the issue of possible harmful effects of radiation on humans and wildlife. Rather it is a well intentioned critique of the way in which an expert committee entrusted with this task went about copying others' work, often without attribution, and coming up with an end-product that is full of contradictions and cannot be trusted upon to take any significant decisions.
Some of the central scientific institutions are doing world-class work and making the country proud. Sadly, the same cannot be said of most of them. It's great of The Hindu to bring such incidents to light.