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Listen to the heavenly Voice

D-deficiency can Kill

Iodine deficiency in USA

 Common cause of BP

 Heart disease in ageing

 Chemicals  in clothing & infertility

  SiDs &  vitamin-C

Cheap anti-cholesterol drug

     MSG Linked to Obesity  

     New Fruit Viagra 

   New rheumatic drugs -Beware

    California sues Fried chips maker

  Low iron foods better for infants      

    Melamine in your food

 Heart test

 Heavy metals

 Liver disease frequency  Too Scientific Skip it for Phd or MD


 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

 Diabetes and pesticides

 Liquorice. Myopathy

 Liver Flush

 Myasthenia Gravis alternative treatment

 Homeopathic sleep medication


  Celiac Disease & cystic fibrosis


 Nano particles deliver drugs


 Fibromyalgia myths

Avoid Kidney Disease 

Compassionate Meditation Changes

the Brain

Get rid of Black Magic

Hydrogen peroxide

cell rhythm and hydrogen peroxide