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By Howard J. Worman, M. D.

Autoimmune hepatitis-Cis a condition in which the patient's own immune systems attacks the liver causing inflammation and liver cell death. The condition is chronic and progressive. Although the disease is chronic, many patients with autoimmune hepatitis present acutely ill with jaundice, fever and sometimes symptoms of severe hepatic dysfunction, a picture that resembles acute hepatitis.

Distinctive Clinical Features. Patients with autoimmune hepatitis and PBC were distinguished from those with definite autoimmune hepatitis by having lower serum levels of immunoglobulin G, higher serum concentrations of immunoglobulin M, and a lower occurrence of SMA . Importantly, these patients were indistinguishable from those with definite autoimmune hepatitis by serum aspartate aminotransferase, bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, and -globulin concentrations .


Autoimmune hepatitis usually occurs in women (70 %) between the ages of 15 and 40. Although the term "lupoid" hepatitis was originally used to describe this disease, patients with systemic lupus erythematosus do not have an increased incidence of autoimmune hepatitis and the two diseases are distint entities.


Patients usually present with evidence of moderate to severe hepatitis with elevated serum ALT and AST activities in the setting of normal to marginally elevated alkaline phosphatase and gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase activities.


The patient will sometimes present with jaundice, fever and right upper quadrant pain and occasionally systemic symptoms such as arthralgias, myalgias, polyserositits and thrombocytopenia. Some patients will present with mild liver dysfunction and have only laboratory abnormalities as their initial presentation. Others will present with severe hepatic dysfunction.


Autoimmune hepatitis should be suspected in any young patient with hepatitis, especially those with risk factors for alcoholic, drug, metabolic or viral etiologies.


 Serum protein electrophoresis and testing for autoantibodies are of central importance in the diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis. Patients with one subtype of autoimmune hepatitis have serum gamma-globulin concentrations more than twice normal and sometimes antinuclear antibodies and/or anti-smooth muscle (anti-actin) antibodies. Patients with another subtype may have normal or only slightly elevated serum gamma-globulin concentrations but will have antibodies against a particular cytochrome p450 isoenzyme that are called anti-LKM (liver kidney microsome).

How is the Hepatitis caused



Patients in whom a diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis is suspected may not have a liver biopsy as chances of bleeding are excessive.

TreatmentFollowing are the alternative treatments:

Lycopodium is a Homeopathic remedy used in Hepatitis and is very useful in prevention and treatment of all forms of hepatitis including hepatitis C,

In Natural treatments the spice Saffron full of antibodies is a excellent treatment. Full remedy in our e-book.

Prevention: Hepatitis can be triggered by celiac disease so , avoid wheat grain, Avoid excessive alcohol, exposure to BPA, one of the biggest cause is Aflatoxin and contaminated foods need to be avoided.

Hepatitis -C has been reversed by above methods in three weeks and many others have used Hulda-Clark zappers successfully.

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