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CIDP TIPS BY EARL patient of DR Engle

For patients with CIDP the proper way of walking with a stick.

cane tips


A cane is just among many ambulatory aids to consider if you are having trouble walking. A cane's function is to improve balance by increasing the individual's base of support. Canes are meant to unload the leg opposite to the hand the cane is in.

There are a few categories of walking canes that provide different amounts of assistance. Some of the more popular ones are

cane types As far as finding the right height for your cane, you should stand up straight with your shoes on that you wear most frequently and hands down at your sides. The top of the cane should reach the crease on the under side of your wrist. When you are holding the cane, your elbow should only be flexed about 15-20 degrees. An adjustable cane is the best choice if you wear different styles of shoes frequently.



If you are very weak then it will be best to use a quad cane. Quad cane is for people who cannot use the simple cane and they have to use a wide based object which is more stable.

Some people who are super weak will have to use a walker and there are multiple types of walkers.

Those people unable to use walkers have to use a wheel chair. Then of course the weakness in hands is severe then one has to use motorized wheelchairs.

This step by step guide will answer the needs for your mobility.

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