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Tawaaf Wuda

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(II) Muzdalifah:

You will stay under the sky at Muzdalifah. No tents or other residential facilities will be available. Arrangements for toilet and wudu are, however, available. They are, understandably, very crowded all the time. Give yourself plenty of time for your needs and be patient with fellow pilgrims.

You will also collect seventy pebbles at Muzdalifah for Rummy. Stay close to your bus and memorize its location with respect to a prominent and permanent landmark,such as a light pole or a wudu facility. Light poles and buildings are usually marked with identification numbers. It is very easy to get lost and equally difficult to get back "home"!

You will offer Maghrib and Isha prayers combining them in the qasr mode. Thus, after the azan, three rakahs of Maghrib will be offered following the usual "iqamah". Another iqamah (but no azan) will be called and then two rakahs of Isha will be offered.

Walk to the foot of the nearby hills, and collect seventy pea-size pebbles for Rummy. It is a good idea to collect an additional ten stones to make up for accidental losses. Do not collect the pebbles lying around the bathroom facilities.

You will spend the night at Muzdalifah and offer Fajr there. You will then leave for Mina before sunrise on the morning of the 10th of Zul Hijjah.

Kaba circling

This is the Farewell Tawaaf you will perform just before leaving Makkah for your next destination. Spend as much time as you can in Haram ash Shareef in Tawaaf un Nafl, prayers and supplications in the days preceding Tawaaf ul Wuda. Make the most of this golden opportunity Allah has provided you. You may never see these times again.

There is no Ihram, Ramal, or Sai required in Tawaaf ul Wuda. You will offer two rakah salat us sunnah after Tawaaf, offer any supplications you desire, and leave Makkah as soon as you can.

Alhamdulillah, you have now completed your Haj. May Allah accept your Haj, and may you be a better person for your efforts in His path.

Its better to leave Arafat early, so you arrive in Muzdalfa early this is sacred Ground. Thus spend a little extra time here. I arrived after my Zohar prayer and had the best time of my life communicating with the universe . The sky was seen as a screen on which text messages were displayed. If you arrive early you will be able to leave early which I did ahead of the crowds and passed through Mina and stoned the SATAN. With every stone through out one of your weakess. Through out temptation, anger, jealousy, hate and Ego. Thus only Love should stay in your body then your Hajj will be successful. Leave planning for Allah. If you return from Hajj and try to bring down talented people from their jobs you have not done justice with your Hajj. continue to main Hajj Page



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Saffron uses

 Preliminary studies suggest this culinary spice is helpful in treating mood disorders incuding depression and anxiety at a dose of 50 mg Saffron twice daily.


Intent for Hajj

You agree to take this journey because you Love the Lord. You do this to get near. Does not matter if you have financing but it will be arranged. Gifts come n many forms and you do have to struggle. It may come as a job offer and in this time the Hajj is completed , you may have no papers , no registration but angles come help you to this journey.


Hajj manners

Stay happy do not get angry.

Do not cut lines or upset people

Help others and take care of yourself. Once you return to MINA the batrroms will be clogged up , people will be urinating in bottles. The batrooms will be packe with these bootles.Urine will be standing in the bathroom floors.