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~ May 2021 No.1 ~

 The cause in Fibromyalgia is a infection due to Mycoplasma.

Disclaimer: Information provided by does not constitute a medical opinion, that no remedy or information provided should be used without consulting a physician, and other legal considerations.

I have seen that FMS will start usually on the left side of the arm and leg, rarely the right side will be affected. The right side is more commonly involved in women.  Every cell in the body has a immunological identity and cells on one side have a specific identity. So the immune system can attack just one side of the patient fascia (tissue around the muscles) leading to one sided pain.

In one Parkinson patient who lived in a remote part of nowhere, I would drive to his home and inject him in the pelvis. His wife reported that soon after the injections this patient would be able to walk.

After I started my practice at Nanotech I met a old friend whose father had Parkinson plus and he walked in a extreme flex posture. I palpated his spine and was reassured by the Family that the local orthopedic surgeons had informed that that short of surgery this case was irreversible. So I proceeded with a trigger point injection and following his next visit there was no pain and the extreme flexed posture of this Parkinson patient had reversed to upright.

I believe that all the pain disorder in Multiple sclerosis is due to FMS.

A interesting phenomena is seen in FMS patients that in some of these patients a complaint of pain is seen during a approaching storm . This pain is due to the fact that a low pressure has developed which causes the muscles to swell. From this cause you can think that by asking the patient to sit a warm water tub will increase the pressure on the muscles and help relieve the pain.

Chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia are overlapping conditions and are usually associated and occur together in the same patient.

In one of our patients who had a severe hearing disorder a simple inactivation of her trigger point relived the hearing problem in a nanosecond.

A man with a ALS like disorder was treated for trigger point inactivation and the ALS syndrome disappeared even I cannot believe this one.

Many patients who were awaiting joint replacement were treated for trigger point inactivation and it relived their joint pain and they did not need the joint surgery.

Recurrent chest pain pain has been successfully treated with trigger point inactivation.

A few patients who were awaiting abdominal surgery were and had symptoms of gastric swelling , pain after food were treated by TP inactivation with complete reversal of their symptoms. 

TMJ of jaw pain is a common symptom of FMS and is treated by inactivating TP in the jaw muscles.

The challenge of diagnosis

Treatment of FMS and Chronic fatigue with antibiotics and then with electro stimulation, immunoglobulin's. A 90% improvement in  patients. Not a single patient had to see a psychiatrist or go for council-ling as their main problem was treated.

FMS and chronic fatigue need emergent and early treatment as these conditions if left untreated will lead to malignancy.

Here is the real cause of Fibromyalgia it is Mycoplasma .

Top of page picture of the tender points which are present is most Fibromyalgia patients. Only experts with a needle can confirm the presence of trigger points in the same areas as the needle will induce a twitch responses. This means when you insert the needle the skin will suddenly go downwards a muscle twitch is seen.

Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are commonly seen in immune deficiency. I recommend that IF ANY ONE NEEDS PROOF of the diagnosis then these people need to be tested for IgG levels and IgG subclass levels.


Those patients who are deficient in IgG subclass will have delayed reactions to vaccination and these will induce autoimmune diseases like CFS, CIDP and FMS so we recommend that before you get a vaccine check for the symptoms of immune deficiency. We provide details about this subject in our e-book.

Multiple chemical sensitivity

The above condition develops in individuals who are exposed to chemicals,


In Fibromyalgia Doxycycline has been used at a dose of 50mg for the first dose then 100mg on alternate day for 3 months. A higher dose will cause a Herximier reaction. continue to next page
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