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Hizb AL -Bahr

Prayer of the Sea


16.Wa sakh-khir lana kulli Bahrin huwa laka fil 'ardi was sama'i wal mulki wal malakŭti.
So subjugate to us every Sea of Yours on the Earth, in the Skies, the Dominions and the Heavenly bodies.

17.Wa Bahra d-Dunya wa Bahral Akh-khirah.
And the Sea of this World and the Sea of the World to come.

18.Wa sakh-khir lana kulli shay'in. Ya man, bi yadihi malakŭtu kulli shay'in.
And subjugate to us everything. Oh You! In Whose Hand in the dominion over every thing.

19.Kaaf Ha Ya 'Ayien Saad; Kaaf Ha Ya 'Ayien Saad, Kaaf Ha Ya 'Ayien Saad.
(Quran: 19.01)(Hold the a and the i for six counts. Hold the a for two counts.)

20.'Unsurna fa 'innaka khayrul fatihina.
Aid us, for You are the best of those who Aid.

21.Wa-f-tah lana fa 'innaka khayrul fatihin.
And open for us, for You are the best that Opens.

22.Wa-ghfir lana fa'innaka khayrul ghafirin.
And forgive us, for You are the best of Forgivers.

23.Wa r-hamna fa'innaka khayrur Rahimin.
And show mercy to us for You are the best of those who show Mercy.

24.Wa r-zuqna fa'innaka khayrur Raziqin.
And provide for us for You are the best of Providers.

25.Wa h-dina wa najjina minal qawmi dh-dhalimin.
And Guide us and deliver us from the hands of the oppressors.

26.Wa hab lana rihan tayyibatan kama hiyya fi 'ilmika.
And grant us a fair wind according to Your Knowledge.

27.Wa n-shurha 'alayna min khara'ini rahmatika.
Waft it upon us from the treasures of Your Mercy.

28.Wa h-milna biha hamlal karamati ma'as salamati wal 'afiyati fi d-dini wa d-dunya wal akhirah.
Carry us by the conveyance of Your Generosity with Peace and Well Being in our spiritual life and our worldly life to come.

29.'Innaka 'ala kulli shay'in Qadir.
"Surely Your are powerful over all things" (Quran 3:26).

30.Allahumma Yassir lana 'umŭrana ma'a r-rahata li qulŭbina wa abdanina.
Oh my Allah! Make easy for us our situation with rest for our hearts and our bodies.

31.Wa s-salamati wal 'afiyati fi duyana wa dinina.
And peace and well being in our worldly and spiritual lives.

32.Wa kun lana sahiban fi safarina wa khalifatan fi ahlina.
And be to us our Companion in our journey and Guardian of our family.

33.Wa t-tmis 'ala wujŭhi ada'ina.
Efface the faces of our enemies. .

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