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Welcome to the services section of the CIDPUSA autoimmune diseases website
  The most important thing for you is your health.;Why wait for surprises when you can prevent them, & a guide to help reverse any health issue.
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This option Below is for those people who want personnel guidance or have a spiritual , emotional or Medical issue

which has not been helped. We will help you get over any health or emotional issue. You have four options to choose please select one. If you have a major problem select the last option for minor issue select the first option. However we will guide you after we have evaluated your problems. CIDPUSA will guarantee satisfaction.




Purchase our e-book Flame within  with current treatment protocols  for over a 101 autoimmune conditions, description of disease, symptoms, tests, treatment-guidelines, risk factors, supplements which help and supplements which harm. How to get rid of autoimmune conditions.  Expect a 2-3 hour delay for the e-book .  Please note if you are using Spam Guard, the email we send  with a link may end up in the spam folder. So please check your spam folder for a email from Dr Imran Khan or  CIDPUSA . Total cost $1.99     +   .51    =    2.50


Save travel and wait times at a dentist office, wake up with a smile and no bad breath in the morning. NO NEED TO GET the deadly prolonged X-Rays each year which cause Cancer.


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   Services section of the CIDPUSA WebSite offering help & hope to your doorstep the world over. Below is the Cancer E-Book  read cures that have been used on Presidents and have worked. Give yourself hope you are in charge of your destiny.

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