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Temporal Giant Cell arteritis page-2

C-reactive protein is produced in the liver.  This protein is released when the body responds to an injury or any other event that signals inflammation.  C-reactive protein is measured with a blood test.  

A biopsy of the temporal artery is usually recommended. No need to do Biopsy if ESR is elevated just start treatment asap.

inflammation seen on skin Biopsy

The ESR usually is 40-90 range.

  The procedure is performed with local anesthesia.  A small section of the temporal artery is removed and examined under magnification for inflammatory cells.  This test allows doctors to definitively diagnose temporal arteritis. Cidpusa has many reports of biopsy results which came back negative while the patient had arteritis. This can be seen in burnt out disease where after inflammation atrophy has set in.


The Neurologist/ophthalmologist often works in conjunction with the patient's internist to treat this disease.  The primary treatment for the disease is oral steroid medication to reduce the inflammatory process given as a Emergency for one year .  Most patients notice an improvement in their symptoms within several days.  In some cases, a long-term maintenance dosage of the steroid is required.   Steroid can be given I/V . Monitor sed rate in all patients every month as increased disease activity can cause blindness.

Patients need to be checked for infections like Mycoplama, CMV, herpes virus and treated in case of Mycoplasma or as a default antibiotic with Doxycycline. The antibiotic is based upon CIDPUSA own research and we have seen a faster response to good results.  

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For detailed management of this disease see this link

We have practiced this theory and the first patient fully recovered and tested Aids positive after a autoimmune treatment. The core of this treatment was by electrical stimulation please read the details in our electronic section.
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