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Tight Bra reduces blood flow

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Tight bra reduces lymph circulation (IMPORTANT)
We can see from the above map thathigher incidence of breast cancer is seen in the western countries. Lower incidence is seen in Africa , India and China along with Brunei Islands. a

There are couple of things one can think right away, these people do not eat a western diet which is highly processed. They eat mainly fruits and vegetables, they have no FDA regulations to protect them yet they still manage to be cancer free.

Why are the western nations who are directly protected by FDA regulations see a higher Cancer incidence. Western women are exposed to mammography, airport scanners, microwave cooking, mobile phones and they pay for all these gadgets with their health. Is there a way for protection. Yes get rid of the Mammogram at once this is the biggest cause of radiation to the breast. Never go near a Mammogram. Get a MRI scan for breast evaluation . Teach the doctor if they have been unaware and not learnt the issues with mammograms.

Change your lifestyle

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Cancer is triggered by infections and is  autoimmune