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Prevent Breast Cancer

Some things you can't avoid when it comes to breast cancer risk, such as your age, genetic makeup and environmental exposures. But other breast cancer risk factors are well within your control. Recent studies indicate that lifestyle choices are more influential than genetic pre-disposition in the development of breast cancer. Employing preventive health measures can't guarantee that you won't develop breast cancer, but it's a step in the right direction.

  1. Diet and Exercise -  Women concerned about breast cancer should limit the fat content of their diets, especially since heavier women are at increased risk for breast cancer. Having more fat tissue can increase your blood estrogen levels, and one theory is that increased estrogen exposure is linked to breast cancer risk. A low-fat diet can help women reduce their weight and thus avoid this risk factor, as can a regular program of exercise.
  2. Do Not have Mammograms Please read the link they increase risk of CA.

  3. Alcohol Consumption - Studies have shown that women who have two to five alcoholic drinks each day have 1.5 times the risk of breast cancer as women who do not. However, studies for lower levels of consumption have been less clear (some find a relationship and others do not).

  4. Smoking - Although smoking is clearly linked to overall cancer risk, scientists don't yet know how it affects breast cancer risk. An American Cancer Society study suggested that women who smoke may be more likely to die from breast cancer. However, scientists don't know whether this means that women who smoke are less likely to survive breast cancer or that smoking contributes to breast cancer risk. Whatever the case, there are many benefits to be gained from quitting smoking one of which may be a reduced risk for breast cancer.

  5. No to tight bras please read link Tight bras restricts lymph flow and lets disease flourish. Please read the link.

  6. Go to page two of breast massage instructions for self monthly breast exam.


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