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No Bra zero incidence of Breast cancer is seen.

Lymphatic restriction (tight Bra)


By impeding proper circulation of blood and lymphatic flow, tight clothing can contribute to the formation of cancer or other diseases. According to Singer & Grismaijer's book Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras,women who wear a bra 24 hours per day have a 75.00 % chance of developing breast cancer(3 out of 4). If they wear it more than 12 hours (but not during sleep), this chance is 14.28% (1 out of 7).With less than 12 hours per day, the breast cancer risk is dramatically decreased to 00.66%

Girls, next time you take your bra off, look in the mirror. You may see red lines on the sides and underneath your breasts, and marks on your shoulders from the straps.  This is not a good sign, the lymph flow might have been been cut off.  Push-up bras and those with underwire or high side panels have even more constricting effect on the lymphatic vessels. It's time to buy a better fitting one.Also try give your breasts free time from bras every day - if possible at least 12 hours.

When you remove your Bra lookout for marks, lines and red areas on your shoulders, sides and around the breasts. 
Also check: -
Does your bust bulge out at the top, sides or bottom of your bra? 
Does your bust fall out or become visible underneath the bra, or push the centerpiece of the bra away from the body? 
Do your bra straps mark your shoulders? 
If your answer is Yes to any of the above then your cup size is too small! 

Do you have red marks around your body after taking off your bra? 

If your answer is yes your bra is too small for you. Measure yourself correctly for a larger size. 

Does the back band ride up above your shoulder blades? 
Do your bra cups look wrinkly? 

Does your bra centerpiece sit away from your body? 
If the answer is yes to any of the above you are wearing the wrong size bra. 
Measure yourself for correct fit.

Please be aware that bra’s can be very much like shoes in that they can vary in size from manufacturer to manufacturer. Even though the label says it is your size it may still be a bad fit for you so always try before you buy!

We need to allow the lymphatic circulation freely so it can remove cancer cells, if the lymphatic circulation is restricted cancer cells can proliferate. You do not have to do a study watch the  map of the beast cancer worldwide and the regions it effects. The areas like South Africa and Brunei see less cancer rates . (Please see the link for the incidence of breast cancer world wide and notice it affects mostly the western countries where bras are used.

Do Not Get Mammograms the radiation is 10-20 times more then x-rays and causes heart disease and breast cancer. See link to mammogram on top of the page.