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Ageing is caused by inflammation , it has become the most common disease process in the world. Avoid Gluten avoid Carbs.

 Food Facts

You need to eat protein everyday!

  • Choose color fruits and veggies to eat.
  • Go  EAT fish once or twice a month.
  • Broccoli IS excellent food.
  • Oats are healthy for you.
  • Yummie yogurt helps the tummy
  •  Guava are great food
  •  Chile pepper good
  • Whey PROTEIN IS AMONG the best proteins.
  • You need Omega-3 Either Flax seed, Fish oil or cocunut

Don't Get Bugged Out Bugs cause inflmmation

  • Learn Handwashing.
  • Germs lurk in the most unsuspecting places
  • Launder your gym towel daily
  • Dip with caution
  • Cut down on carbs and sweets
  • Distance yourself

    Up Your Sex Life

  • Erection  helps you to a longer and healthier lifespan
  • Sex your way to youthful appearance 
  • Get the sex drive pumping first with exercise
  • Start your day early in the morning to rev up your sex drive

Lifestyle Basics

  • Stay slim a little fat is just Ok
  • Avoid trauma
  • NO-Multivitamin, multimineral supplementation except-D & sublingula B-12
  • Fish oil & Omega -3
  • Say No to Alzheimers with curcumin
  • Water 8 glasses a day
  • Use the brain
  • NO DRINKING alcohol fast ageing
  • use Olive oil as a sunscreen
  • Cut Your Cellphone Use
  • Laugh through life
  • Maintain social connections
  • Do not worry about anything
  • Get a good night of sleep every night
  • Love your self

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