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Plumbum Met and CIDP

Plumbum met

(for epilepsy +for neuropathy (numbness weakness in,the feet & CIDP)

To take plumbum met use 200  potency daily for two weeks .

Formal Name: Plumbum Metallicum. Also Known As: Plumbum Met, (Lead). Many of us may not know Plumbum Met by name, but we certainly know what lead is. As a homeopathic remedy, Plumbum Met is quite effective for a variety of different health conditions.Though Lead has been found to be dangerous in its original form when used in paints and childrens toys; in a homeopathic form it is safe and powerful. Plumbum Met is made in a very specific way to provide a safe substance that helps to heal several different health conditions. Pure lead is extracted and finely ground until it becomes soluble in alcohol. It is successed and diluted. As with any other homeopathic remedy, this means that virtually no traces of the actual substance remain, and that is particularly important to understand when it comes to something like lead.


Neurological Conditions:

Many people who suffer from certain neurological conditions may turn to Plumbum Met to help with the symptoms. These may include everything from muscle spasms and trembling to actual muscle weakness. Plumbum Met helps with the physical symptoms as a homeopathic remedy and therefore may work wonders on the pain or lack of feeling that is suffered as a result of any sort of neurological condition.


Though these individuals may have a constant urge to have a bowel movement, there is often no relief in sight. Constipation can be a very serious health condition, and thats why Plumbum Met can be of such great help as a homeopathic remedy. This may help with the pain associated or allow the individual to have normal functioning bowel movements that are so highly desired with this condition.

Muscle Weakness:

Not only can Plumbum Met help with the actual weakness being suffered, but also with the sensation that the organ or extremity is being pulled back into the body. It helps with any spasms, trembling, or simple exhaustion suffered in the muscles as a result of this weakness. Plumbum Met may help to go to work on the actual weakness or any of these side effects.

Dupuytres Contracture:

This condition may not be known by name, though it is quite common. With this condition, the tissues or the tendons of the fingers or palms become thickened and shortened. The fingers may become stuck in a vent condition. This will possibly affect either hand or both of them, and therefore Plumbum Met can be of great help in any of these instances.

Homeopathic Remedy Profile for Plumbum Met:

Though Plumbum Met helps emotional and physical symptoms. Childhood emotional instability  such as restlessness.In adulthood, those that respond best to Plumbum Met may be self centered and even border on being a bit destructive at times. Memory loss and a lack of the ability to properly express oneself are common with this profile, and this may result in very serious physical and emotional problems.  CIDPUSA has used Plumbum Met 200 first day take 5 and next day take 3 and then onwards take one daily for two weeks and not any changes. If this does not work then Purchase Plumbum Met 1M  AND TRY THAT.

case (the client did extremely well on Thuja; not only did it clear up her acne, it improved her relationship with her boyfriend and her coworkers; it helped give her the strength to quit her job at the health food store and go into the music promotion business; you can see the Medorrhinum characteristics from a previous layer, a previous time in her life, and in fact she did need Medorrhinum at one point when the Thuja had done all it could. She mentioned that many of the customers in the health food store remarked to her how well she looked when she started the Thuja.

List of characteristic symptoms: Thuja

acne, cystic worse premenstrually on cheeks and jawline, amenorrhea NWS going off birth control pill, delusion pregnant, delusion something moving inside her
dyslexia: leaves out letters or words when writing
sensual: exotic dancer, shows cleavage , loves wild dancing, pushes life to the limits
extremes, drugs, promiscuity feels unattractive feels everyone looking at her acne
wants to hide, low self-esteem, disgusted with body, feels diseased, something wrong (r/t amenorrhea),PMHx genital warts (frozen off), recurring vaginitis
candida, fears loss of control, easy weeping when helpless
feels people talking about her behind her back
hair falling out, dislikes damp weather
likes tea, weepiness before menses, irritability before menses
constant burning vaginal discharge, postnasal drip

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