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Syrian medical team proves cupping role in curing incurable diseases
Syria, Health, 8/18/2001

" Cupping" is considered one of the common popular medical methods practiced by majority of common people.

The medical identification of " cupping " is based on the principle of " getting rid off the spoiled blood" from the body as at the age of 22 when bodies stop to grow and spoiled cells gather at the scapula of the body which is of less movement.

In its main news bulletin on August 13th, the BBC said that the Syrians used to head to London seeking treatment of incurable diseases and undergo complex medical operations. This is so far an ordinary matter. But what is surprising that British might go to the Syrian capital for that purpose. "The BBC added that a medical and scientific team representing the Royal Family in Britain has started contacts with Syrian doctors in Damascus to this effect. The intention of the British medical team is to treat by " cupping" the Hemophilia disease which is proved to be curable by " cupping ."

A British delegation is contacting him to become acquainted with the medical study held on hundreds of Syrians and Arab patients and resulted in positive results in curing several diseases especially Hemophilia, according to a spokesman for the Syrian scholar Abdul Qader Deirani who has been publishing books written by Damascene scholar Sheikh Muhammad Amin Sheikho, the man who revived "cupping" according to precise scientific rules.

Sheikh Amin Sheikho conducted a research rules of " cupping ," according to Hadiths ( sayings) mentioned by prophet Muhammad. Thanks to the efforts made by Sheikho's student, Scholar Abdul Qader Deirani documented information became available at the hands of a Syrian medical team of various specialization who could scientifically prove the results of using " cupping ."

The Syrian medical team is composed of Dr. Ahmad Takreiti ( heart Surgery), Amin Suleiman ( Hemophilia diseases); Muhey eddine al-Saudi ( cancer diseases); Akram al-Hajjar (nose& ears diseases); Abdul Malik Shamalti ( Nerve diseases); Abdul Ghani Arafah ( chairman of the Syrian society for fighting breathing disease, Marwan al-Zahraa ( the chairman of nerve surgery department at Damascus Tishreen university); Abdullah Malakani ( general surgery specialist, Germany); Nabil al-Sharif former rector of Damascus faculty of Pharmacy); Muhammad Mahjoub Jeiroudi ( chairman of the laboratory medicine department at the Damascus al-Muwasat hospital); Muhammad Fuad al-Jabaseini( laboratory diagnosing specialist) and both Dr. Abdul Latif Yaasin and Fayez al-Hakim.

In a statement to Arabic News, Syrian Scholar Sheikh Abdul Qader Deirani said that prophet ( Muhammad) was the first to introduce " cupping " and Muslims practiced " cupping " successfully to the extent that they practically did not use medicines any more. He added that the Prophet sent back to Egypt the renowned doctor al-Nastasi sent to him by the King of Egypt, because prophet Muhammad and the Muslims used " cupping " instead of medical treatment. The prophet recommended his followers to practice " cupping " as a simple medical process. A surgery, the simplest on earth. " cupping is the best of medicines," thus prophet Muhammad put it.

Scholar al-Deirani added that in his holy Hadiths ( sayings ) prophet Muhammad revealed the annual timing for making " cupping."

He cited his experience to this effect by saying in his 20th he had many diseases including Trachoma and was recommended by his teacher ( Amin Sheikho ) to resort to " cupping." He continued that since he underwent this operation 43 years he has been enjoying a very good health condition and never went to a doctor nor had one tablet of medicine.

He added that since the 1980 s he started to delegate friends and followers of various cultures to the country's provinces and remote villages to teach people the science of " cupping ," and this operation witnessed a great turnout after it proved a great success. A matter which has encouraged Syrian doctors to contribute to apply it on scientific basis, especially in treating diseases like cancer, paralysis, Asthma and migraine.

He explained " Cupping " will be only useful at spring times and this is certified in a Hadith by Prophet Muhammad:" Escape strong heat by cupping," noting that " cupping " has monthly laws as well as daily laws. For instance it can be only in the early morning with no food in the stomach and in the day when " cupping " is made the " cupped " person should not take milk nor its by- products for one day, rather should take a plate of salad.

Replying to a question why cupping should be made by the beginning of the Lunar moon not in the beginning of the crescent, Mr. Deirani said the reason is that the moon has gravity impact on the sea in the flood tide and ebb tide phenomenon and the same effect also is on the human body which is composed of 80% of liquid, exactly the average of the sea waters to the land.

He indicated a scientific phenomenon studied by the American scientist Le Perte, who realized that crimes increases in the Lunar of days 13, 14 and 15 of the Lunar month when blood pressure is in its most and because of this very reason the prophet recommended people " to fast" these three days to calm down the body.

In a similar statement to Arabic News Dr. Amin Suleiman ( Blood- disease) doctor at Damascus university said that "cupping has been adopted by the Syrian medical team in two ways: preventive and diagnosing in a way that this process has been practiced on scientific basis taking into account the " timing " which should be in Summer and the place of " cupping " should be the ( scapula ) on the two upper sidelines of the backbone. It should be made with two cups emptied from air and placed on the Scapula for three minutes. Dr Suleiman added that the team conducted a field experience so as to attain scientifically approved results. He said that " cupping " was applied on 300 patients of both sexes and results were positive in curing several diseases including hemophilia; Leukemia, lymphoma, migraine, hyper- cholestrolemia; Goute, paralysis, Asthma, rheumatism and certain heart diseases.

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