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Management of Cancer

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    In his publication, Cesium therapy in cancer patients, Dr. Sartori describes the 2 week treatment of 50 last stage, metastasized, terminal cancer patients  (13 comatose), with Cesium salts.  All were expected to die within weeks, with the survival rate being less than one in ten million.  After 2 weeks, 13 died with autopsies showing no presence of cancer.  After 12 months, 12 more had died, but 25, an astounding 50% survived.  

*Cesium has no natural radioactive form, and should not be confused with Cesium 137 which is artificially produced.

    Cancer cells are very weak, far weaker than healthy cells.  It is very easy to kill cancer cells if you can create the right environment.  The following protocols are deadly to cancer cells, yet harmless if not outright beneficial to healthy cells. 

The High pH Environment

    Cancer cells live in an acidic environment, but perish in an alkaline, high pH, environment.  Although many diets can help you alkalinize your body, nothing works as fast as Cesium Carbonate or Cesium Chloride.

Cesium for Cancer

Cesium *, a crystalline salt has been used successfully for cancer for many years now.  Cesium Chloride and Cesium Carbonate work by raising the cancer cell's  Ph to a highly alkaline state.  Although many anti-cancer diets also produce an alkaline state, they simply cannot do so as quickly or as fully as Cesium can. 

Cesium Therapy in Cancer patients

H.E. Sartori

    Certain foods contain biologically active compounds and/or ingredients, i.e., vitamins, inorganic salts, organic compounds, essential fatty acids, minerals, and chelating agents which may either precipitate or prevent cancer development.  The relationship between dietary consumption and cancer development is not clear and further investigation continues.  Noteworthy is the report on the presence of high levels of cesium [Cs] and rubidium [Rb] in food along with availability of various supportive compounds as vitamins A and C, along with zinc and selenium in diet of populations residing in areas with low incidence of cancer e.g., the Hopi Indian territory in Arizona, the Hunza area in North Pakistan, and the volcanic regions of Brazil.  The diet of these populations is similar to the nutritive requirements for the high Ph cancer therapy developed by Brewer's subsequent series of physical experiments with cancer cells.  In these tests the presence of Cs+ or Rb+ in the adjacent fluids of the tumor cell is believed to raise the Ph of the cancer cell where mitosis will cease resulting in reduction of life span of the cancer cell.  The introduction of such alkaline pH by these alkali salts may also neutralize the acidic and toxic material within the cancer cell.  This report combines the use of CsCl with various supportive agents. which have been hypothesized both to enhance the entry of Cs+ into the cancer cell and to stimulate the immune response, in the treatment of various cancers.



    Treatment was performed on 50 patients during the last  three years at Life Sciences Universal Medical Clinics in Rockville MD and in Washington D.C.  All patients were terminal subjects with generalized metastatic disease.  Forty-seven of the 50 patients studies had received maximal modalities of treatment, i.e., surgery, radiation, and various chemotherapy, before metabolic Cs-treatment was initiated.  Three patients were comatose and 14 of the patients were considered terminal due to previous treatments outcome and cancer complications. 

    The Cs-treatment was given in conjunction of other supportive compounds under diet control in addition to the utilization of specific compounds to produce adequate circulation and oxygenation.  According to individual cases CsCl was given at daily dosages of 6 to 9 grams in 3 equally divided doses, with vitamin A-emulsion (100,000 to 300,000 U), vitamin C (4 to 30 grams), zinc (80 to 100 mg) selenium (600 to 1,200 mcg) and amygdalin (1,500 mg) in addition to other supplementations according to the specific needs of the patient.  The diet consisted mainly of whole grains, vegetables, linolenic acid rich oils (linseed, walnut, soy, wheat germ) and other supplemental food.  To increase efficiency of the treatment and improve the circulation and oxygenation, the patients received the chelating agent EDTA, dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) and also a combination of vitamins, K and Mg salts.


    Table 1 summarizes the results of the Cs-treatment of 50 cancer patients studied over 3 years.  One of the most striking effects of the treatment was the disappearance  of pain in all patients within 1 to 3 days after initiation of the Cs-therapy.  

Twenty-eight patients were initially treated with CsCl between April, 1981 to October, 1982.  They were subjected to various cancer therapies, e.g., surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, and were considered terminal cases with metastatic disease except for 3 patients who were not previously treated.  Three patients were comatose at the time of the Cs treatment.  Thirteen patients died within less than 2 weeks of treatment.  Each patient showed a reduction in tumor mass by the Cs-treatment.  Of the breast cancer patients, the most impressive effect was seen in a female patient who was comatose at the beginning of the Cs-treatment and was considered a terminal case.  The Cs-therapy, with other ingredients used, was immediately instituted by nasogastric route because there was no cooperation from the patient.   The daily CsCl dose given amounted to 30 grams, 10 grams given 3 times daily.  The patient was able to leave after 5 days of treatment.

     The next most frequent cancer treated was of unknown primary.  Treatment of 8 cases showed a death rate of 2 within 14 days of treatment and an additional 2 deaths within 12 months while 4 of the patients are still living.  In one case, an autopsy was made in a patient after one week of Cs-treatment and showed a complete disappearance of the cancer.  There were 7 cases of colon cancer patients who were treated with CsCl.  Two of these patients died within 14 days, one of the patients had previous massive chemotherapy, and little time was available to restore her metabolic condition.  The previous existing infiltration of the abdominal wall disappeared.  However, no consent was given for an autopsy.

     In one lymphoma case the patient displayed an unusually large abdomen  which was hard and he weighed approximately 250 pounds.  The massively enlarged abdomen began to decline in volume, i.e., a loss of approximately 120 pounds of body weight was noted after 3 months of the Cs- therapy.  The spleen which was originally maximally enlarged and reaching into the pelvis was reduced to almost normal size.  The liver position was down to about the level of the umbilicus and was also reduced to normal size in 3 months.  The patient is still living after 3 years after his discharge.  Unfortunately, there is no follow-p on this patient and he is being maintained on chemotherapy.

The High Oxygen Environment

     Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg demonstrated that normal cells would become irreversibly cancerous if the environment they rested in had their oxygen levels lowered by 35% for 48 hours.  

Cancer Cells CANNOT Live in a High Oxygen Environment

The High Enzyme Environment

    Cancer cells develop a protein coating 13 times thicker than normal cells.  This makes it difficult for the immune system to attack them.  By ingesting high doses of  pancreatin, you can actually dissolve cancer cells inside the body.