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Dental problems

Individuals with cancer frequently have dead teeth with filled root canals, or inflammation inside the jawbone even after removal of teeth. These problems may not cause pain and so are difficult to detect. It is best to have dead teeth removed as soon as possible, and the remaining cavity scraped out to remove any softened parts of the jawbone. Just leave some gaps if you cannot immediately pay for replacements.

Root canal filled teeth appear to be a major contributing factor in many health problems, not only cancer, but also heart disease and auto-immune diseases. This is due to microbes multiplying in the multitude of tiny canals or tubuli in the dentine and gradually leaching out into the lymph system. The only safe solution is removal of such dead teeth, although problems might still persist from the infection having spread to the jawbone. The microbes in dead teeth and infected jawbones cannot normally be eliminated with pharmaceutical or natural antibiotics, I recommend using a magnetic pulser.

However, removal of dead teeth as well as amalgam cause a great strain on the body, and should only be done when feeling reasonably well and strong, and with suitable precautions. Before and after removing dead teeth use a strong magnetic pulser, an electronic blood purifier and other anti-microbial therapies. Do this also if you cannot immediately remove all dead teeth; continue with this until after they have been removed.

Preferably have amalgam fillings replaced with plastic composite. The dentist should use a rubber dam and suction when removing old fillings. If you cannot pay for proper replacements, just seal affected teeth with cheap temporary filler and do not chew any hard items. Also nickel as in stainless steel can suppress the immune system. Try to find a dentist who is familiar with safe amalgam removal procedures as recommended by holistic dentists associations.

In addition to a vitamin C supplement program before and after amalgam removal, the amino acid L-cysteine as well as homeopathic mercury 1M and higher potencies are helpful in removing mercury from tissues. Cilantro can be used in diet to chelate mercury.

The pink colour of dentures may be due to heavy metals, commonly mercury or cadmium. If you cannot get a guarantee that the coloring is free of heavy metals, it is safer to ask for clear plastic dentures made of Methyl Methacrylate, or Flexite for partial dentures. Use plastic denture teeth rather than porcelain teeth, which are based on aluminium oxide and other metals. Change metal bridges and partial dentures to clear plastic. Even gold can be a problem because to make it cheaper, it is commonly blended with 20% of the more harmful palladium. A small amount of gold as for one crown may be acceptable, but as a general rule keep your mouth free of metals, and make sure only metal-free plastics are used as replacement. Try to find a holistic dentist.


Packs over the tumor site are helpful with pain relief or to help break down a tumour. Packs are especially effective in combination with cleansing periods. Helpful packs are freshly grated or pulped beetroot, crushed wheat grass or other grass, or black or purple grapes, 3% hydrogen peroxide, Schweitzer solution, tea tree oil, hot castor oil, garlic, honey, or even urine. Keep the pack on as much as possible, changing it several times during the day. At other times you may keep a fresh outer cabbage leaf over the tumor, cut out the lower part of the stem and make the leaf more pliable by rolling it with a bottle. Renew the leaf after several hours.

n addition stimulate the liver with a hot castor oil pack. Liberally apply castor oil to the skin over the upper abdomen, stomach and the right side of the lower rib cage. Cover with several layers of a woollen cloth and then with a hot water bottle. When it becomes too hot, add more layers of cloth or just newspaper under the hot water bottle. Later remove these again as the water cools. Keep the pack in place for 1-2 hours, the longer the better, even overnight.

With lung cancer use hot onion packs on chest and back, and eat plenty of onions. For the pack squash the onions after heating until soft in an oven.

The honey plaster has an excellent reputation for pain relief and destroying tumors. The honey must be raw and not heated above 45 degrees C (like most honey sold in shops). Smear a thick layer of honey over the tumor area and cover with linen. Continue renewing the honey for several weeks whenever it has dried. It is even more effective if you mix a few drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide with the honey. Gradually increase the number of drops until either the honey becomes too runny or the skin is irritated. Try to obtain honey that is not runny and possibly crystallized.

Urea is especially effective for dissolving dead and putrefying flesh, and removing bad odor from weeping or pussy areas. Good for softening hardened or scarred areas is a urine pack, for details see Urine & Urea Therapy.

If the area is open and weeping then discard the pack daily and apply a fresh one. Possibly alternate with cabbage leaf.

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