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Walter Last

Electronic Zapper and Magnetic Pulser

There are two basic types of electronic zappers commercially available, the Hulda Clark zapper and the Robert Beck zapper, in addition to newer developments. They are supposed to eliminate parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses, including the cancer microbe. They do this with low-voltage pulsed electric currents. The Clark zapper operates with a 9 V positive offset current at a high pulse frequency of about 30,000 Hz. The Beck zapper or blood purifier uses 27 to 36 V and a low frequency of about 4 Hz, but experimental units may have an additional frequency of 100 Hz. It appears that microbes are not outright killed by the mild electric current but rather prevented from multiplying.


With the Clark zapper you hold an electrode in each hand through which a modulated 9 V current flows. To establish a firm contact, rub your palms with salty water and hold the electrodes very firmly. Alternatively, wrap the electrodes in absorbent paper or cloth moistened with salted water. With weak grip strength the best contact results by dipping each hand or foot in a bowl of salted water, together with a partly immersed electrode, but not if any electronics are in the handle. After each treatment rinse your hands or feet under running water to remove any static electricity.

With a local infection or tumor also press the electrodes on both sides close to the problem area, or one electrode besides a problem area and the other in the opposite hand. The negative electrode, commonly attached to a black wire, tends to sting on sensitive skin.

As with magnets, it can be important in which hand you hold a particular electrode; otherwise one may feel weaker after zapping. Normally hold the negative electrode on that side of the body where the tumor, pain, infection or inflammation is located, and the positive electrode with the red wire in the other hand. You may also try muscle testing to find the best electrode placement: Have someone gently press down your raised, outstretched arm while holding the electrodes one way and then the other. Use the electrodes as for the stronger test.

The normal treatment schedule is seven minutes three times daily. The second zapping follows 20 - 30 minutes after the first one and the third one after a similar interval. The first zapping is to kill unshielded parasites and microbes. Dead parasites release further bacteria, which are killed with the second zapping, and these then release viruses that are eliminated the third time. That is the theory.

Blood tests supposedly show the Beck zapper to be more effective in eliminating microbes from the blood. It appears that with the Clark zapper the current travels mostly over the skin due to its high frequency, while the Beck zapper is specifically designed to electrify and purify the blood. Perhaps the best type of zapper is a combination of both, with the stronger voltage and low frequency of the Beck zapper but the positive offset current of the Clark zapper. Furthermore, according to principles of vibrational medicine it is more beneficial to use copper, silver or gold electrodes rather than beam the nickel vibrations from stainless steel into the body.

With the Beck zapper the small electrodes are fastened directly over the arteries, where you feel a pulse, on one forearm or near the ankle of a foot. The recommendation is to use it for 2 hours daily to eliminate all harmful microbes and parasites in the blood within a month or two, including the AIDS virus. In addition, I also recommend using the electrodes on both sides of a tumor, or an area of infection or inflammation.

In addition, Dr Beck designed a magnetic pulser to treat infected lymph glands and other parts of the body with poor blood supply. With cancer also pulse your tonsils, teeth or jawbone where there may be a problem. Also use the pulser on any area with a suspected inflammation or infection. You may suspect an inflammation in an area when it is red, hot or painful or even when it is rather tender when pressing into the area. Use a strong pulser with a rating of about 30 K Gauss or more when pulsing directly on a tumor, as weak pulses may be stimulating. As for magnets, find the correct pole and generally use only the south-pointing pole for treatment.


To find out which side of the pulser paddle to use, place a small flat magnet with known polarity on top of one side and watch what happens with the next pulse. Like poles repulse each other. Therefore, if the magnet jumps off, that side of the paddle has the same polarity as the magnet placed on it with the face down. If you then turn the small magnet around, it should not jump off. Then repeat the test with the other side of the paddle. Finally mark the polarities on the paddle.

There are other types of more expensive magnetic pulsers available that may be helpful in stimulating cellular rejuvenation. However, because of their lower magnetic pulse intensity, they do not appear to inhibit microbes or parasites, and may instead stimulate their growth.

However, there is now also a magnetic pulser available with up to 10 or more pulses per second (seeResources in Australia). It creates a pulsing magnetic field rather than just single short pulses. I found it effective for treating pain and inflammation, as well as restoring weak organs and tissues. It appears to work by restoring the electric membrane potential of cells to a healthy level. This is presently my favorite.  

For sources to buy a zapper and pulser see ads in alternative journals, such as Nexus. Commonly, the Beck zapper is bifunctional and may also be used as a colloidal silver maker. In addition, there are various types of Rife instruments available to destroy the cancer microbe with selected frequencies. Their success depends very much on finding the correct frequency, and I cannot comment on their effectiveness.

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