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When people get older, they sometimes need assistance in their daily routines. A medical walker can lend peace of mind to both the individual and family members. Having the extra support gives a person some freedom that they may otherwise not experience.

As people get on in years, or when they are recovering from an injury, it can be difficult for them to move around without additional support. In this case,medical walkers are an excellent way for patients to maintain their independence while traveling safely from place to place. There are many medical walkers available that fulfill a variety of patient needs.

A double button folding walker is a great option for a patient who has limited movement in their hands. The dual button system helps the walker fold with no trouble at all, and it can easily be operated with either the fingers or the palm of the hands. The frame is lightweight for easy movement, especially through tight spaces, but the steel crossbar makes it completely sturdy and durable.

When a patient is recovering from an injury or procedure on their foot, walking is sometimes impossible, even with the aid of a walker. A knee walker lets these patients continue to move independently by resting the knee of their afflicted foot on the walker. It can be easily adjusted for any height as well as for left or right handed use and folds up conveniently for storage when it is not in use.

If a patient has more body weight to support they will, of course, need a walker that is designed for their body. A heavy duty bariatric walker has a deep and wide frame that is specifically designed to fit the needs of larger patients. It can support a patient as tall as 610 and who weight as much as 700 pounds. It is easy to operate with dual release buttons and provides an audible clicking sound to let the patient or caregiver know that it is securely in place. Specialty Medical Supply is the most trusted name in the medical marketplace for walkers and walker accessories.

Medical walkers alone are not always enough to keep a patient mobile and independent and,

If you are too weak to handle a walker for mobility then you want to look at wheel chairs. Those who have arm strength can get regular wheel chairs those without any arm strength can get a motorized scoter or motorized wheel chair.

There are multiple issues as you will then need a system to enter your house with this vehicle and have a Van in which you can carry this motorized vehicle. Many people elect not to carry the vehicle and just shop in stores that provide electronic motorized carts such as Target and Walmart.


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