BLACK SEED use in malignancy
by: M.C |JUlY 4, 2020

Black Seed in Cancer Black seed

"In the year 2009 we lost Patrick Swayze to pancreatic cancer; a true loss. His decision was to trust conventional chemotherapy methods, which was the wrong mistake. In May of 2008 Jefferson Kimmel University showed positively that Nigella could cause apostetis of pancreatic tumor cells in 82% of the cases and yet Swayze chose chemotherapy which has proven to cure in 2.1% of the cases. Now my question is why? Why in the world did he trust such an invasive method to cure his cancer? Was he brainwashed or was he simply trying to prove the impossible.

Suzanne Somers, actress and author of Knockout -- Doctors who are curing cancer, plainly states that Swayze did not die of his cancer, he died from the chemotherapy treatment. Did she know more than Swayze or was Nigella simply an alternative treatment he knew nothing about?

What did the Study Show About Nigella Sativa?

In 2008 Jefferson Kimmel Cancer Center studied the effect of Nigella sativa on pancreatic cancer tumor cells and discovered that they were able to kill 62% of the cells. Future research by Jefferson showed that with the use of Nigella sativa, they were able to annihilate or cause cell death on 82% of tumor cells. In addition to the positive results on pancreatic cancer, they found more results worth noting. According to Hwyda Arafat, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of Surgery at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, "Nigella sativa helps treat a broad array of diseases, including some immune and inflammatory disorders. Previous studies also have shown anticancer activity in prostate and colon cancers, as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects."

The studies also showed potential positive results with prostate and colon cancers. Breast cancer has also been studied in separate research showing the ability to eradicate the cancer cells and provide chances for excellent health for many women worldwide. These results caused more and more places to research this simple black miraculous seed. The Middle East frequently studies Nigella sativa and recently they showed positive results for skin disease and gastric ulcers. In both studies, again Nigella sativa was found to be successful.

How Could Nigella Sativa Changed Patrick Swayze's Cancer Results

Swayze made the choice to go with chemotherapy, very possibly persuaded by his love ones and friends, but either way he had to deal with many side effects. Compare the side effects of chemotherapy to Nigella sativa.
Chemotherapy Side Effects

Flu-like symptoms
Nausea, Vomiting, Pain
Hair loss
Anemia, Infection
Blood clotting problems
Effects on Skin and Nails
Fluid Retention
Causes secondary cancers
Mouth, gum and throat problems
Diarrhea and constipation
Nigella Sativa Benefits

Strengthens immune system
Increases energy
Anti-Inflammatory properties helps with digestion
Treats baldness and hair loss with success.
100 vitamins and nutrients.
Treats blood clotting problems.
Strengthens nails and improves complexion.
Helps with weight loss and metabolism
Prevents cancer and heals present cancers
None - Anti-bacteria properties
Other chemotherapy side effects: Nerve and muscle effects, radiation recall, kidney and bladder effects and effects on sexual organs and sexuality. Effective changes could be done quite easily. Benefits of Nigella Sativa

The world is simply astonished of the many benefits of Nigella sativa and the desire to find the best product grows. There are many other benefits of black cumin, such as:
Strengthens the immune system
Promotes lactation
One of the best benefits of black cumin is the ability to increase immunity. If you feel tired and lethargic and want to find a quick fix, then try this very simple recipe. Take 1 teaspoon of black cumin oil and mix it with the juice of one orange. Drink this mixture 1/2 hour before breakfast and you will see your energy level return.

Simple Way to Treat Cancer Effectively

A woman in Yemen, suffering from 3rd stage cancer, sought a natural treatment. She was advised to take black seeds with honey three times a day, in addition to garlic and honey, also taken three times per day.

Her husband faithfully crushed the seeds and mixed them with honey. He also crushed the fresh garlic and mixed it with honey. After three months, her cancer disappeared. The woman has continued to use honey and garlic, even after the disappearance of her disease

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