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Page-2  Lymphatic drainage & breast anatomy

It is believed that the breasts can store many chemicals within the fatty tissue and because the breasts are largely constrained within a bra for many hours a day the body has no way of flushing out these toxins.

It is known that the breasts can store quite high levels of chemicals from our environment. Studies of human breast milk have shown a quite alarming tendency for traces of household cleaning products to be present for example. It is believed that there could be a very real connection with the onset of breast disease from these toxins.

The purpose of breast massage is to help flush out these toxins via the lymphatic system, and help bring nutrients to the tissues.

So remember not to wear a tight Bra as it occludes the blood flow of this organ and causes infections to develop. A bra should be comfortable and without any wires in them. Do not wear them for more then 7 hours and sleep without them.

The magnitudes of filtration and absorption are not equal. The net filtration of fluid out of the capillaries into the interstitial compartment is greater than the net absorption of fluid back into the capillaries. The excess filtered fluid is returned to the blood stream via the lymphatic system. In addition to its roles in digestion and immunity, the lymphatic system functions to return filtered plasma back to the circulatory system. The smallest vessels of the lymphatic system are the lymphatic capillaries (shown in yellow). These porous, blind-ended ducts form a large network of vessels that infiltrate the capillary beds of most organs. Excess interstitial fluid enters the lymphatic capillaries to become lymph fluid.

 You have to drain the fluids from the center outwards Lymphatic drainage & breast anatomy illustrated