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PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS DECREASE LONGEVITY  It has been estimated that somewhere between 70,000 and 140,000 people in the U.S. die each year from pharmaceutical drugs prescribed appropriately, and that is basically within the confines of hospital medicine. That statistic comes from the fact that one to two percent of hospitalized individuals have a fatal outcome from pharmaceutical adverse drug reactions, although you would expect drugs to be used most expertly in hospitals. This statistic doesn't even include people who die from drug use outside of the hospital from arrhythmias.

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Cardizem for instance is a calcium channel blocker we pass out like water. I used to think that Cardizem was safer than the beta blockers which we know are toxic and weaken the heart and the sympathetic reactions of the body. Now studies have come out that Cardizem will cause a 60% increase in death if it is used to control high blood pressure as opposed to no high blood pressure medication at all. So we now have clear evidence that Cardizem is deadly. The oral drugs used for diabetes increase the death rate from heart attacks by about 250%. When an individual who has diabetes dies from a heart attack, they may presume the heart attack was caused by the diabetes, but it is more likely the heart attack came from the use of the drug, so it skips the notice of physicians unless you have really studied the journal literature. Of the 170 drugs approved since the mid-1970's, roughly half of them had to be either taken off the market or undergo extensive side-effect revisions in the Physician's Desk Reference because of the toxicity that was uncovered by the widespread use of the drug. You can imagine the pressure to keep the drugs on the market. Very few drugs are taken off the market, even when they are shown to be more deadly than no drug at all. If you take drugs, be aware that the use of prescription drugs is having a net negative effect upon the death rates and longevity. Avoid indiscriminate use of pharmaceuticals to overcome diseases which are originally caused by nutritional deficiencies.

LINUS PAULING AND VITAMIN C Linus Pauling who is one of the top 50 scientists of all time, and won every single significant scientific prize in the world, wrote a book called Vitamin C and the Common Cold and he came up against the medical entrenchment, the anti-nutritional anti-supplement entrenchment which took him totally by surprise. It was a nice little friendly book, well-referenced to support his opinion, and everybody was criticizing his book without even having read it, not countering the statements or references, just saying he is senile. He then followed that with some studies on cancer and vitamin C. He died at 94, still mentally active, and writing another book. This kind of quality of life you cannot get by taking drugs because the mechanism of drugs, of every single prescription drug is poisonous. That is the mechanism. It has never been found in biology and it has to be a poison because it alters biological systems in an aberrant way because the body has never seen it before.

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